The Unshackled would like to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day and honour the male contribution to the raising of the children. This should not to be a controversial holiday, it is day that is celebrated worldwide and has been for many centuries.

But sadly, in this day and age where the feminist lobby has been empowered by governments and the media to push and anti-male agenda and the LGBT activists are attacking the traditional family, Father’s Day is the latest Australian tradition the cultural left want to destroy.

It started this year with an academic who goes by the name Dr Red Ruby Scarlet appearing on Today Tonight Adelaide calling for Father’s Day to be renamed Special Persons Day to be inclusive of families with single mothers and LGBT families.

Then of course yesterday a community service commercial by the fatherhood organisation Dads4Kids to celebrate Father’s Day was not allowed on air unless it contained political authorization. Free TV Australia deemed it to be a political advertisement because of the upcoming plebiscite on same sex marriage. The justification for this decision was the fact that Dads4Kids opposes same sex marriage, although this wasn’t mentioned in the ad.

At time when there is an attempt to degender society and promote concepts such as gender fluidity through school programs such as Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships we sadly shouldn’t be surprised at this war on Father’s Day.

Many have highlighted that there isn’t the same attack on Mother’s Day. This is because that would upset the feminist lobby who interpret the concepts of degenderisation as meaning only the feminine influence should be bestowed on the next generation. The Family Court agrees with this as demonstrated their overwhelming bias against men which see some fathers denied access to their children until they are 18.

This is another reason why Father’s Day is so important these days because of these attacks on not just fatherhood and the male influence of children in general. Feminists are publishing articles stating that men should not be left alone with children because they might be paedophiles. Young boys are being told from a young age they are natural sexual predators and need to unlearn their inherent masculinity.

Thankfully the corporate world gets something right and Father’s Day sales and festivities are promoted widely by the big retailers. This is because the silent majority of consumers still value Father’s Day and corporations still value their profits over social justice virtue signalling. Though one wonders in light of what has happened to the Dads4Kids commercial next year will all Father’s Day cards and promotions need to have political authorization on them? It would kind of ruin the warmth of the message.

No doubt ordinary Australian families are celebrating Father’s Day like they always have. Let us hope that continues and these regressive leftists’ attacks are given the scorn they deserve. It is important now more than ever to value fathers and the male influence on children.

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