The Coronavirus pandemic containment measures in Australia have escalated significantly over the past week. Infection rates have reached over 1,000 in Australia and federal and state governments are fearing their health systems might become overwhelmed and hence taking unprecedented measures to flatten the curve of person to person transmission. Following the ban on foreigners entering Australia, state and territories borders are now being shut.

The Unshackled production studio is based in Melbourne where the Victorian Government has announced the shutdown of non-essential services such as bars and restaurants, however, this will now include schools. Both the federal and Victorian Governments have not ruled out locking down suburban areas if there is an outbreak in one particular geographic area.

The Unshackled team want to do their bit to contain the virus upon our own accord to protect the most vulnerable in our community. Alternative news media is more important than ever now with fake news circulating on social media and the mainstream media sensationalizing all government and medical announcements.

Unshackled Productions will continue with different broadcast arrangments:

  • WilmsFront will now be broadcast from Tim Wilms’ private residence.
  • The Uncuckables will continue but all panellists will join the live show remotely.

The Unshackled began in September 2016 but did not have a dedicated studio until April 2018. So, in essence, the Unshackled’s new broadcast arrangments are simply a reversion to our humble beginnings to help fight this virus.

We will continue to bring you the most accurate information about the pandemic and rational analysis of our governments’ containment measures.

Fighting this virus has been compared to fighting a war with the personal and economic sacrifices we need to make. We will beat it and come out a tougher race of human begins as a result.

We need to make sure once the virus is beaten pledge never again. Never forget that this virus was born in Communist China. Never allow the globalists’ open borders arrangements to resume so we never face another global pandemic again.

We are in this together as Australians and members of the human race. Look after yourselves, each other and your community. The Unshackled will be still here to chronologic this pandemic.

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