Victoria’s Mother’s Day anti-lockdown protest outside the State Parliament last Sunday was aggressively shut down by Victoria Police. The consequence of this police overreach has been the birth of a new local freedom movement which has seen the rapid growth of Facebook groups opposed to both the lockdown and mandatory vaccinations.

As active coronavirus cases in Australia fall below 600 and total deaths still remain under 100 it is clear that we have defeated the virus. But our leaders have stated that life cannot return to normal unless citizens can be easily tracked under the guise of public health.

At a national level, Australians are told to download the CovidSafe app onto their smartphones to assist with coronavirus contact tracing. It was announced today in Victoria by Premier Daniel Andrews that pubs, restaurants, and cafes will reopen for dine-in on June 1 but you will have to provide your contact details as a condition of entry.

In Queensland, you will not be able to play professional sport unless you have received a flu vaccination. Some employees have been told that they must have a coronavirus test or else they’ll be sacked.

Victoria Police made ten arrests at the Mother’s Day protest and vowed to track down other attendees at the event for being in breach of stay-at-home orders.

West Melbourne Police visited one of the attendee’s homes this week to issue him a caution. He filmed this visit with his smartphone and his approach was to assert his rights, not answer any of the police’s questions and demand they cite the relevant legislation he was said to have broken.

This assert-your-rights and stand-your-ground approach when dealing with police officers has been used by some of the emerging high profile members of the new freedom movement including Fanos Panayides and Nick “Banjo” Patterson who have both been featured recently on Unshackled Productions.

One veteran political activist who has become experienced in dealing with police and also the criminal justice system is patriot Blair Cottrell. In an indirect response to the above police interaction video on his Telegram channel, Blair decided to share his own approach to dealing with state police.

We have decided to publish it below in full as Blair’s more calm and measured approach while not saying anything that police can use against you is interesting to read as a contrast.

Be calm and be polite. It’s normal to feel targeted and to become frustrated but try employing a bit of self-discipline, because being polite to cops (even when they’re not) is just common sense.

You’re more likely to be ordered around, treated like shit and fined for something insignificant by woman cops and manlets who take the job too seriously and feel as though they need to prove something.

Actual policemen who aren’t insecure fags and don’t relish in authority will be reasonable so long as you are. Physically, it’s easy to spot the difference between these two classes of cops but beware, the decent kind are a dying breed. The state doesn’t like them, it prefers insecure, obsequious feminists, since people like that are more capable of blind obedience and cruelty, so long as they’re rewarded with a meagre wage and some sort of abstract social status in return.

You don’t have to talk to the police. You should identify yourself if asked to but you shouldn’t say anything else. You don’t need to be an arsehole about it, you just shouldn’t make any comments to police about yourself or anybody else.

The only reason the police will ever ask you questions is to assist in your or somebody else’s arrest/prosecution. What you should say after identifying yourself is “I’ve been previously advised by a lawyer not to answer any of your questions before seeking legal advice, so I intend to answer “no comment” to every question until I can contact a lawyer, thanks.”

You might still be arrested but if you don’t talk and nobody else talks, then you’ll be released without charge within a few hours.
Ninety-five percent of all successful prosecutions in Australia are based on an accused person’s own testimonies or on information provided by other people in the community (commonly regarded as “rats” and “laggers” among those in the working classes).

Don’t try to argue your “rights”. You don’t really have any rights. This isn’t America, there is no freedom of speech or freedom from arrest. If you make the police angry with you, they’ll probably arrest you on a whim and hold you for a day just to satisfy their own personal resentments.

Don’t try to argue anything with the police. Don’t try explain yourself to the police. Don’t tell the police your stories. They don’t give a fuck about who is right and wrong or what is moral or not moral, they’re just trying to prosecute you or somebody else, that’s their job so don’t make it easier for them by jabbering and arguing, just calmly and respectfully tell them you aren’t prepared to make a comment.

Don’t be intimidated into making a comment by vague threats or aggressive body language. Police are trained to try to intimidate people into providing them with information. Don’t get sucked in. Prison is a holiday in this country, it’s not scary. Courts and judges aren’t scary. The police aren’t scary. They’re all just flesh and blood shit-talkers serving a government-administered by Marxists, feminists and transvestites.

If they force you to go through their processes then go and do it smiling. Sleep in their cells, chat to some impulsive crims who are actually entertaining people usually, eat the microwave meals and enjoy your holiday –because at the end of the day, it’s all bullshit, nothing to be afraid of and unless you’ve killed someone then you’ll always be back home sooner or later.

The extent of the law is extremely broad and far-reaching in Australia, the police can virtually do whatever they want to arrest, hold and charge you. This has been the result of the subverted nation-state failing to protect its media and eduction institutions from hostile influence; the students of Marxism, upper-middle class journalists, professors, political lobbyists, councillors and the outrage mobs they form have spent at least a decade demanding censorship, more laws and fewer rights for Australians on the grounds of “safety”, “human equality” and “stopping racism”.

The result at a government level is an obscure and multilayered bureaucracy of inferior people, who romanticise authoritarianism and spend most of their time dreaming up revenge fantasies to punish who they see as the “white oppressors” (read: white working class Australians).

The point being, these kinds of people give the state police their orders, always bear that in mind when dealing with them and don’t let them fool you into believing that making a statement is going to benefit you in some way.

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