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The content produced by the Unshackled is free and always will be. But operating the Unshackled is not and we are able only able to take up the the fight against the fake news mainstream media with the support of our audience.

The best form of support you can provide is becoming a premium member of the Unshackled. Members receive extra benefits and inside access to show you our appreciation.


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Don't want to commit to a monthly or annual subscription but still want to help keep the Unshackled online? Send us a one-off financial contribution to give us a boost


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The Unshackled has a PayPal account which is still the fastest method to donate online. If you don't wish to commit to a subscription plan send us a instant direction donation via PayPal Me.


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We are still on the world's most popular crowdfunding platform. If you are already supporting creators there, add the Unshackled to your list of pledges.


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The Unshackled is on the newest and fastest growing crowdfunding platform SubscribeStar which has the attraction of being a staunch supporter of free speech.


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The official store of the Unshackled has a wide variety of apparel and homewares displaying sharp and witty right thinking wisdom. Best thing about buying our products is not only do you obtain quality gear but you support The Unshackled.

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