University Marxist Adam Adelpour being arrested

University Marxist Adam Adelpour has gotten himself arrested by NSW police again. This time Adelpour faces six months in jail or an $11,000 fine under the Public Health Act 2010.

Last Wednesday NSW police arrested and charged the university Marxist activist under COVID-19 health regulations, detaining him overnight at the Newtown Police Station after he refused bail conditions that included a personal curfew not to go back to the scene of his arrest at the University of Sydney campus.

The 34 year old university Marxist had been participating in a cute little protest against the proposed academic job cuts that threaten to impoverish many of his publicly funded comrades. The protesters attempted to “legal” their way around the COVID-19 regulations by holding separate demonstrations around the same area. NSW Police (who have been doing a sterling job of reminding the silver spoon Marxists of Sydney that they aren’t above the law) were having none of it. They broke up the protest, arrested Adelpour and gave out hefty $1000 fines to at least nine other well known far left activists.

Adam on the left with some happy looking friends.

At 34 Adam Adelpour might seem rather old to be a University Marxist, but he has been around the Sydney left wing extremist scene for quite a while. He has been a USyd student and activist with the “Solidarity” group as far back as 2012. I guess some people can just never bring themselves to leave campus. Solidarity is of course a revolutionary Trotskyist group founded in 2003 by veteran Marxist activist Ian Rintoul which has come to greater prominence recently due to the actions of its front groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as the hilarious arrest of one of their most well known activists Paddy Gibson.

University Marxist Adam Adelpour
University Marxist Adam Adelpour displaying incorrect mask wearing technique.

Adam is well known for travelling far and wide to experience being arrested in different places. In April 2012 he accompanied Ian Rintoul to a “refugee rights convergence” in Darwin where he managed to get himself arrested for trespassing on the Wickham Point detention centre. He was also detained at another protest on USyd broken up by NSW Police a month and a half ago. From the way he seeks out arrest Adam seems to like being handcuffed by big rough men in uniform. He was after all explicitly warned (along with fellow Solidarity activist Mark Goudkamp and Socialist Alliance organiser Rachel Evans) that NSW police were not going to tolerate Marxist led protests that breached COVID-19 restrictions, yet he’s now been detained for organising two such protests in almost as many months.

You see Adam doesn’t like “laws” created by an illegitimate, racist, sexist, transphobic, capitalist state. He has a different sort of government in mind when he thinks of an ideal society. Here’s Adam writing about the Russian Revolution for the Solidarity magazine:

University Marxist Adam adelpour
Thanks to Communism, all these Cambodians are now equal.

In the 1917 Russian Revolution, workers’ councils, made up of delegates directly elected from workplaces, overthrew capitalism for the only time in history so far. Workers threw out their bosses and began running factories themselves. Peasants got rid of their landlords and seized control of the land. The revolution granted freedom to Russian colonies and introduced rights for women and LGBTI people in advance of anywhere else in the world at the time.

For Adam true freedom comes only through communism. Sure for a lot of people (millions in fact) it was the freedom to get starved to death or shot in the back of the head and thrown into a ditch, but hey omelettes, eggs, etc.

University Marxist Adam Adelpour
Adam shows off his best happy face.

To get a further idea of the type of person Adam is, I’d advise you to look at this delightful cartoon he penned mocking the death of cartoonist Bill Leak (a man driven to his death by the same establishment Adam pretends to be fighting against). Lovely lad.

University Marxist cartoon bill leak
Adam Adelpour drew this cartoon mocking the death of Bill Leak. What a classy guy.

In case you were starting to worry about Adam, never fear. Just like always the far left and their fellow travellers have started crowdfunding to pay the fines of the university Marxists who received them. Unlike similar funds for right winger attempting to pay legal bills these ones wont be shut down by Gofundme. Adam’s fellow activists at Solidarity have been prominent amongst the donors with Usyd lecturer Nick Riemer lashing out $200 alone. If NSW Police give enough fines out to university Marxists with rich parents it might be the beginning of some real life redistribution of wealth.

Adam’s court date has been set for October 8th. Let’s see if he can refrain from getting arrested again before then.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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