Students Protest Gun Violence… by Lying Down


David Hogg, a Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivor and an anti-gun advocate put together a protest movement that can only be described as confusing and incredibly stupid. A grocery store named Publix made a political donation to the National Rifle Association which in the eyes of the left is akin to brutally murdering young children. Due to this donation, David Hogg organized a protest inside one of the supermarkets location calling for a boycott and the method was… well, interesting.

Turns out that David Hogg’s idea of protesting is looking stupid, as he directed the protesters to lay down flat on the ground of the supermarket holding up poorly written signs. The protesters were recorded for over ten minutes before beginning to chant “hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?” as they begun making their way to the door. When it comes to the United State’s second amendment rights, if this is what resistance to it looks like, it seems it’s very much sticking around. Watch the video below:

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