Australia’s list of richest people for 2018 — as calculated by the Financial Review, has been finalised. The annual compilation of Australia’s wealthiest individuals is often contentious, with many of the nation’s most successful businesspeople and investors staking their reputations on the rankings and reported fortunes outlined in the list. This year’s list saw Melbourne based manufacturing and recycling tycoon Anthony Pratt named as Australia’s richest person for the second consecutive year, with his business interests in both Visy Industries and Pratt Industries accounting for the 58 year old’s $12.9 billion fortune. Finishing in a close second place was real estate developer Harry Triguboff, whose fortune is worth an estimated $12.77 billion. Australia’s richest woman — resources magnate Gina Rinehart, finished in third place overall, with $12.68 billion to her name.

The list speaks volumes about the direction in which Australia’s economy is now heading, with Rhinehart’s absence from the top spot indicating that Australia’s mining boom is now very much on the decline. Property was the most common industry which those included in the rich list earned their fortunes from, with 51 of Australia’s wealthiest 200 people amassing their wealth through the property industry. Australia’s top 10 richest people are outlined below:

  1. Anthony Pratt ($12.9 billion).
  2. Harry Triguboff ($12.77 billion).
  3. Gina Rinehart ($12.68 billion).
  4. Hui Wing Mau ($9.09 billion).
  5. Frank Lowy ($8.42 billion).
  6. Ivan Glasenberg ($8.32 billion).
  7. John Gandel ($6.45 billion).
  8. Andrew Forrest ($6.1 billion).
  9. Vivek Sehgal ($5.88 billion).
  10. James Packer ($5.25 billion).
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