Jailing of Tommy Robinson Demonstrates UK’s Worrisome Tyrannical Trend


The United Kingdom is on a path to tyranny that should preoccupy us all. A conservative activist named Tommy Robinson has been sentenced to 13 months in prison on charges of “breaching the peace” simply because he approached a courthouse where a supposed gang of middle-eastern Muslim men are set to face trial over various accusations of rape.

Tommy Robinson was not inciting crowds, was acting perfectly appropriately, and was not using anything resembling racially inflammatory language. To the government of the United, however, the optics of Muslim men facing charges of rape are unpalatable, and thus they have criminally attacked Tommy Robinson’s right to free speech.

When the free speech of any individual within a society is attacked, the free speech of every individual is attacked. Only blanket protection to speak freely is an all-or-nothing matter, and the Government of the UK has cracked-down on that right. This is also an attack on individuals’ right to report what they see around them. Surely a reporter from the BBC would not have been met with such governmental hostility, regardless of the fact that they were largely ignoring the case, so why has Tommy Robinson been criminally charged?

Because the government of the UK has turned tyrannical. They have started to quash ideological opposition with the full force of the government’s power in an attempt to silence any rhetoric that goes against the narrative they have set out to establish. This is a precedent of tremendous danger and should not be underplayed.

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