POLL: Should Blair Cottrell Have Confronted the Street Performer?


It’s been the main talking point from Sunday’s True Blue Crew Aussie Pride Flag March. After the march patriots had gathered at Federation Square for post-march drinks. This was when Blair Cottrell formerly of the United Patriots Front now with the Lads Society and one of the speakers from the march confronted a street performer who was wearing a revealing pink leotard and questioned the appropriateness of this attire in a public space in front of children.

The way it has been spun by the mainstream media is that Blair Cottrell threatened and intimidated an innocent street performer and labelled him without proof a ‘pedophile’ who frighteningly had to call for police backup. This performer was revealed to be Daniel Oldaker, known as Dandyman, whom the media have called an internationally renowned street performer and entertainer who was subjected to a thuggish and homophobic attack. The Campaign Against Racism and Fascism who organised the main opposition to the rally attended a solitary performance of Dandyman yesterday.

He also appeared on the Project last night to tell the sympathetic panel how terrifying the experience was. The panel showed footage of Cottrell from his Instagram account diving into a river in his underwear to claim hypocrisy.

Cottrell said he was too busy making an honest living to appear on the Project that night.


The video was captured by fellow patriot activist Neil Erikson who posted it that Sunday evening on his Future Now Facebook page. The video has since been deleted ironically for displaying nudity. Neil Erikson has since uploaded another video discussing how Blair was provoked by Dandyman and released audio of him mocking the Australian flag. Erikson also alleged that Dandyman at this time was fully dressed and when he saw Blair challenged him to fight and said he represented toxic masculinity. He then proceeds to strip and that’s what sprung Blair into action.

Many people have defended Blair’s actions claiming that degeneracy in public, even though it is currently legal and was apparently approved by the City of Melbourne needs to be called out. The leotard clearly reveals the outline of the man’s genitals. They also claim that the fact this man’s attire is being defended and celebrated by the media and entertainment industry says a lot about the current decadence of our society.

In the same Future Now video Neil Erikson plays calls to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell program who expressed their disgust at Dandyman’s attire. 3AW was a media outlet Cottrell was prepared to speak to where he defended his actions and condemned the broader societal trend towards allowing degeneracy in public, even in front of children.

Cottrell’s actions have divided opinion on the right with many claiming Cottrell’s actions was too aggressive and believing it has backfired on the conservative movement and damaged the image of the patriot movement. It has certainly divided opinion among the Unshackled team which is why we would like to ask you the reader if you approved of Blair’s actions. Did someone need to take a stand or was this too far? Have your say in our poll below.

Should Blair Cottrell Have Confronted the Street Performer?

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