Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Trump’s Travel Ban


In a close 5 to 4 ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Donald Trump’s travel ban was within his authority to enact and was not in violation of the first amendment’s freedom of religion protections.

The previous attempts at enacting the travel ban were struck down by courts that claimed it was in violation of the first amendment, and though the travel ban itself was not explicitly targeting any religion in particular, Donald Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign calling for a Muslim ban was sufficient evidence to determine it was, in fact, an attempt to target one particular religion.

In this recent ruling, the Supreme Court asserted that Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric should not be a factor in determining the legality of his travel restrictions, as the president of the United States has unilateral authority to restrict travel for security purposes and, as Justice Roberts put it, he “has set forth a sufficient national security justification” to prevail.

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