Roz Ward and Kath Larkin

Roz Ward (right) with Kath Larkin, Victorian Socialists candidate for melbourne Lord Mayor. Roz

So it seems Melbourne Marxist activist Kath Larkin has decided to run for Lord Mayor of Melbourne, promising to abolish the “Lord” part of the title, confiscate private property, demolish Cook’s Cottage and build a new heroin injecting room. How lovely.

Cooks cottage
Kath Larkin (who is White and lives in Australia) wants to demolish Cook’s Cottage because White people living in Australia is evil

Melbourne is the heart of Left wing extremism in Australia, so it’s no surprise that a multitude of Marxist maniacs have put their hands up to stand in the local elections this October under the banner of the “Victorian Socialists”. Since these crazies have been kind enough to identify themselves as the deranged extremists they are it would be downright rude not to note their identities for the next time they pop up pretending to be normal community members leading a protest for “refugees” or “climate” or some other cover.

Melbourne needs heroin
Just what Melbourne needs, more Heroin.

Kath is one of the funnier faces in the Melbourne Marxist zoo, and when I mean funnier faces I mean she can pull extremely funny faces. Ms Larkin is perhaps best known for getting invited by the ABC to ask Professor Jordan Peterson a question on the ABC’s QandA program. Despite the fact that she was a well-known extremist organiser and was even wearing a Victorian Socialists button at the time the ABC still thought it perfectly fine to give her a platform. For those who couldn’t watch the program I advise them to have a look at the clip below. Ms Larkin was humiliated by the visiting Canadian and was reduced to making childish faces at the camera like a six year old.

Kath Larkin has previously represented the Melbourne Marxist cause under the Victorian Socialists banner in the seat of Cooper (formerly Batman) in the federal election last year gaining 4,060 votes for 4,27%. The result must have been disappointing after receiving the endorsement of recent Marxist convert, accused rapist and former ABC Tonightly host Tom Ballard.

Kath Larkin Tom Ballard
Former host of ABCs Tonightly Tom Ballard fully endorses Melbourne Marxist Kath Larkin.

For those unaware, the “Victorian Socialists” is an electoral front created in early 2018 as a joint project by the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative (SAlt), the more broadly Marxist Socialist Alliance and veteran Marxist activist (and accused sex pest) Stephen Jolly. The Socialist Alliance recently left the front due to decades old personality clashes. Mr Jolly had left earlier due to family violence related… unpleasantness. This leaves Victorian Socialists as essentially a Socialist Alternative operation.

Which is no surprise to our vertically (and horizontally) challenged Melbourne Marxist Ms Larkin as she has been an activist with Socialist Alternative since a she was recruited by “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward at Northcote High School. Larkin has been a member and organiser for SAlt since her university days and has continued her activism for the extremist group from inside the union movement as a “Women’s officer” and delegate for the RTBU (Rail Tram and Bus Union). While still at university she was a member of the organising committee for “Equal Love” – the Socialist Alternative front group that organised most of the street protest side of the gay marriage campaign.

It’s worth pointing out (since no mainstream journalist ever seems to) That Socialist Alternative openly state their goal as being the violent overthrow of the Australian government and the implementation of a totalitarian communist state. It’s not a secret, they’re quite proud of it. As devoted followers of Trotsky (the founder of the Red Army) they believe that communism was fantastic but that wishy washy moderates like Stalin stopped it from reaching its full potential by exiling their bespectacled mass-murdering hero in 1929 and then having him assassinated in Mexico City in 1940.

Melbourne's kath larkin
Gee, I wonder what all these red flags can teach us about Kath’s political beliefs?

Quite what this has to do with an additional Heroin injecting room in central Melbourne is a little harder for those unfamiliar with the Australian extreme left to discern. But Marxists do have a tendency to jump on whatever cause is going, and Kath is no exception. In July last year Kath spoke at the Melbourne rally of the SAlt front group “Uni Students For Climate Justice”. Along with fellow SAlt activist Anneke Demanuele she was one of the key organisers behind the founding of the Melbourne chapter of that group. At last years IMARC riots on Melbourne’s Southbank Kath was one of three organisers appointed as “communications representatives” for the rioters alongside fellow SAlt activist Cathy Lewis and anarchist Edward Plowman of the Industrial Workers of the World. In March of 2019 Kath backed up her sterling perfomance of QandA related gurning by being an organiser and a speaker (again alongside Cathy Lewis and Edward Plowman) outside the second Melbourne speaking event of Professor Jordan Peterson.

Melbourne's Kath Larkin
Kath gives herself a round of applause.

Despite not working in education, being a member of a education related union, or even having children herself Kath somehow managed to become one of the faces of the “National School and Childcare Boycott” campaign advocating for kids to remain out of school (and teachers to remain home) due to the supposed threat of COVID-19 transmission in the classroom.

Melbourne marxists
Kath Larkin posing with fellow Socialist Alternative activists Natalie Acreman and Nahui Ludekens.

How exactly Kath went from gay-activism, to making childish faces at Jordan Peterson, to leading marches for “climate justice”, to organising riots on the streets, to advocating for the poor little children (and their lazy teachers), to spruiking for a new Melbourne heroin injecting room without anyone in the media noticing that she wants to violently overthrow the government is a bit of a mystery.

Let’s hope it’s a mystery which is one day solved.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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