Victoria is not alone in being subjected to a second coronavirus lockdown. As the UK enters its cold season it is going on the path back into lockdown with several cities already under a second full lockdown. Why are western leaders always going back to the lockdown policy? What are the politics of lockdown? Are they still popular with the public or are they due to the influence of health technocrats? On the midweek edition of WilmsFront I explore these questions with fellow Melbournian and independent researcher Nathan Kyle.

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Recent polling showed that Victorians support all of the stage 4 lockdown restrictions which is probably why Dan Andrews chose such a slow path out of lockdown. RU Okay Day is this week and most Victorians aren’t, mental health during the pandemic isn’t something that can be solved simply by more mental health funding or by telling Victorians to make their bed as Dr Nick Coatesworth did.

Many Victorians were alarmed and disturbed by the actions Victoria Police took last week to suppress attendance at Saturday’s anti-lockdown protest. On the day the detainment of journalists and the threatening to arrest two elderly women sitting on a park bench added to concerns Victoria was becoming a police state.

It is important to note still that democracy hasn’t been suspended in Victoria with local government elections proceeding in October as scheduled. You can still protest virtually or at home which some lobby groups are promoting.

While other Australian jurisdictions might not be in lockdown state border closures are still having a cruel impact on vulnerable people. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been the most heartless in this regard but has allowed AFL officials and Tom Hanks to quarantine on the Gold Coast in luxury resorts.

The UK looks like it will be back in lockdown this winter has its response to a coronavirus spike has been to reduce gathering limits from 30 to 6, it has placed the city of Bolton back into lockdown following its lockdown of the city of Leister. The UK Government appears in this sit

Also in the UK the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine trial is being reviewed after a subject had a suspected adverse reaction. This is the vaccine the Australian Government is going to provide for free, this setback will make more Australians suspicious about taking it.

Australia-China tensions have escalated further after two Australian journalists were rushed out of China for fears of their safety. ASIO and the AFP retaliated by arresting two Chinese journalists in Australia. But given what is happening to Victorian journalists are we really much better on human rights and press freedom than China?

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