A mob led by Marxists from the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative attacked Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the University of Queensland (UQ) on Monday, vandalizing buildings and a ministerial car in the process. The PM was forced to make an undignified exit, being smuggled by security out the back door into a waiting Queensland Police car. You can see video of the vandals here.

Of course if you watched mainstream media news coverage of the event you wouldn’t have known that Socialist Alternative was leading the mob. None of the major news agencies that covered the incident from CNN to Channel Nine to SBS to the Brisbane Times or Channel Seven bothered to mention that fact. They just called the UQ vandals “Refugee protesters” instead.

This is despite the fact that the leaders of the small crowd were wearing bright yellow shirts emblazoned with “Student Action”, the name that Socialist Alternative uses to run in student elections at UQ. Clearly not one of the people paid to bring you the news bothered to find this fact out, despite it not being much of a secret. It’s both common knowledge on the campus and is even mentioned on the UQ Union Wikipedia page. Perhaps one day Australian journalists will learn to use Google.

UQ Student Action
Ti Parker, Socialist Alternative activist and “Student Action” candidate.

Student Action UQ
Tim Hefferenan, Socialist Alternative activist and “Student Action” candidate

The noisiest of the yellow shirted extremists (or at least the one monopolizing the microphone) was a young lass of subcontinental extraction known as Priya De. Priya is probably one of the more prominent left wing extremist activists in Brisbane, yet not a single journalist seemed able to identify her even as she was trying to attack the Prime Minister.

Priya De
Priya De of Socialist Alternative Queensland leading an “Extinction Rebellion/Uni Students for climate Justice” event in Canberra.

Priya after all has form for organizing violent and disruptive protests. In 2017 Priya along with Socialist Alternative organiser Carl Jackson led an invasion by black masked leftist thugs of a Southbank hotel in Brisbane in an attempt to shut down the One Nation AGM. In 2019 Priya led the campaign to stop the Ramsay centre from funding a degree in Western Civilisation at UQ, declaring that any degree that showed Western civilisation in a positive light was “racist”. Priya also spoke at the Socialist Alternative annual conference in Melbourne Marxism2019 where she addressed a packed crowd about the “Myth of White victimhood”. In June and July 2019 she organised Canberra rallies for the Socialist Alternative front group “Uni Students for Climate Justice” alongside fellow Socialist Alternative activists Grace Hill and Kim Stern.

Priya De
Priya De in her yellow “Student Action” shirt screams at a paint splattered security guard through a megaphone.

In August last year in her capacity as chief organiser for Socialist Alternative at UQ Priya was caught out by the contentious protests against the Chinese government over Hong Kong. She tried to stage a Socialist Alternative takeover of the UQ protests, and failed. Priya then had a little bit of a tantrum, publicly declared “F*ck Australia” and that if someone put a gun to her head and forced her to choose between China and Australia, she would prefer to be shot. She also denounced Australia as not really being a democracy because the Aboriginals were here first, that Australia tortures asylum seekers in detention centres and that “Aussie values” are nothing but murdering workers and vandalising the environment.

In this Priya is following in the footsteps of her Socialist Alternative Marxist mentor Tom Bramble who taught Industrial Relations at the UQ for many years and famously declared that every time he sees the Australian flag it makes him want to puke.

UQ Socialists
Crazed leftist at UQ bangs on paint covered glass. To the right you can see Priya De in her yellow “Student Action” shirt urging the vandals on with a megaphone.

Priya doesn’t hide who she is. Her phone number is the contact on the Socialist Alternative UQ Facebook page and her own personal Facebook profile states “Socialist Alternative Brisbane” directly below her picture. She is even the contact number for the Brisbane branch of “Revolution2020” a Marxist conference being held by Socialist Alternative simultaneously in Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra over the weekend of 28-29 of November. The Adelaide contact for that conference is Tom Gilchrist, the man who led a Socialist Alternative mob to attack the electorate office of then Senator Cory Bernardi, trapping the Senator’s wife and staff in a locked rear room while they destroyed everything they could touch.

Generally speaking the fact that the Prime Minister of Australia was forced to flee UQ by a mob of extremists who openly state that they want to overthrow the government and replace it with a totalitarian Marxist state is probably newsworthy. It’s probably also newsworthy when one of those extremists has a history of organising violent attacks on the meetings of other political parties, and is currently in the process of organising a nation-wide conference calling for a Marxist revolution with another extremist who also has a history of violently attacking elected politician’s staff and families.

Yet despite this, not a single journalist bothered to point any of these tasty little tidbits out. I wonder why?

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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