Marxist March Against Mark Latham Smashed by NSW Police


One woman has been charged and 11 others have been fined at a Sydney rally organised by Marxist group Socialist Alternative against Mark Latham’s proposed Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) bill.

The protest was called under the banner of “Community Action for Rainbow Rights” (CARR) and aimed to “kill” Latham’s proposed bill that would return issues such as transexuality and homosexuality to the responsibility of parents rather than teachers. The event was prohibited by the NSW Supreme Court on COVID grounds and perhaps as a result had what must have been a disappointingly small turnout. Of the 500 people who said they were attending online barely 150 showed (if that).

Socialist Alternative protest against mark latham
Socialist Alternative said this was a crowd of 500. I guess Marxists really can’t do Maths.

As was previously reported by The Unshackled “Community Action for Rainbow Rights” is a re-branding of a previous campaign group known as “Community Action Against Homophobia” (CAAH). CAAH was originally formed in NSW in 1999, firstly to campaign for a lowering of the New South Wales age of consent laws for gay sex and secondly to shut down university campus meetings by a Catholic ministry group. CAAH was founded by members of the Democratic Socialist Party (a precursor to the Socialist Alliance) but over the years has been effectively taken over by their rivals in the “Socialist Alternative” group.

As was reported in the mainstream media the sole public spokesperson for the event was CARR Co-Convenor and Socialist Alternative activist April Holcombe (who was fined $1000 at the event). The Socialist Alternative magazine Red Flag also quoted Socialist Alternative organiser Eleanor Morley as another attendee, noting that she was also arrested and fined $1,000 at the protest. The Red Flag article was written by Josh Lees, another Socialist Alternative activist who alongside Holcombe appeared in court attempting to fight the ultimately successful NSW Police application for a ban on the protest going ahead (a ban the Marxists of course ignored). According to the University of Sydney student Newspaper Honi Soit another organiser was yet another Socialist Alternative activist in the form of Cat Rose (most famous for being charged for screaming obscenities at Fred Nile).

Mark Latham protest
NSW Police remind lefties that the law does indeed apply to them.

Holcombe was quoted at the rally calling Mark Latham a “filthy bigot”. April should wash out his mouth.

Also in the crowd was libertarian activist Chris De Bruyne who was attempting to film the event. He was quickly met with cries of “fascist scum off the streets” from the assembled Marxists proving yet again that a “fascist” is now almost anyone a Marxist disagrees with.

Greens MP Jenny Leong was also in attendance cheering on the open breach of the law. Considering that she recently invited Marxist activist Paddy Gibson to Parliament after a breaching a similar NSW Supreme court injunction and that she spoke only this week at a protest in favour of another Marxist currently facing charges for breaching COVID restrictions perhaps it wasn’t all that surprising that Jenny showed up at yet another Marxist meet-up. At this rate she’ll be rivalling her parliamentary Greens comrades Jamie Parker or David Shoebridge for extremist connections.

So a Marxist front group with a Marxist spokesperson backed up by a plethora of Marxist activists held an illegal rally against Mark Latham’s Bill proposing that parents rather than teachers should be able to decide what their children learn about sex and sexuality. How did the media cover it?

Exactly how you’d expect.

Rani Hayman of the ABC described April Holcombe as a “rally organiser” and the protesters as being “against an anti-transgender bill introduced to Parliament by One Nation’s Mark Latham”.

Georgina Mitchell of Fairfax described the protest as a “transgender rights rally” and April Holcombe as “protest organiser…a representative of Community Action for Rainbow Rights”.

Fergus Hunter also of Fairfax described April Holcombe as an “organiser” and the rally as being composed of “Transgender rights protesters”.

Anton Nilsson of NewsCorp described April Holcombe as a “LGBTQ activist” and the event as “A march for transgender rights”.

QNews (somewhat unsurprisingly) agreed, describing April Holcombe as a “protest organiser” and the event as “a rally against the Mark Latham anti-trans bill”.

Not one outlet thought to mention that April Holcombe is a member of the largest left wing extremist group in Australia. Socialist Alternative openly calls for the abolition of the police, the courts, parliament, private property, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, borders, capitalism and the idea of Australia itself. Yet not one outlet bothered to mention that they were the group behind the protest against Mark Latham, a democratically elected Member of Parliament. Not one outlet thought to mention that the “transgender rights” these protesters were marching for consist entirely of the right for people like them to have priority in teaching your children about sex and gender rather than you.

lefty at Mark Latham protest
Leftist gently moved on by NSW Police.

Mark Latham is annoying the worst people in Australia and costing them money in fines to boot. He must be doing something right.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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