When the quisling royals, namely the woke Duke & Duchess of Sussex went on air in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, I was in class attending a law unit for my Diploma course, when email notifications beamed on my phone regarding the nauseating interview between the shameless grifting royals who were once loved and admired.

Everything from the supposedly wicked sister-in-law, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge who reduced Meghan to tears in regards to flower girl dresses prior to her royal wedding to a mysterious racist royal who said that their child, Archie couldn’t become a Prince because of his skin tone, it was an interview where the vainglorious narcissistic couple were given free rein to stick it to the British royal family courtesy of Oprah Winfrey.

But it didn’t stop there, Harry then further revealed that he feels let down by his father, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales who have stopped taking his calls and who has cut him off the purse strings.

Bad enough to do a rude interview as his elderly 99-year old grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was sickly lying in hospital (after being transferred to another one) for further treatments and testing, but to cry on national television about how Prince Charles has treated him after having spent years abandoning his royal duty & coming off as a shameless spoilt royal was difficult to watch.

It’s easy to blame Meghan Markle for having turned Harry against his family, the wicked LA-born American for having poisoned him with her wokeness, but it’s been obvious for years that Prince Harry had wanted freedom from his royal duties for many years. He even once admitted that he didn’t like England and had hated the British press as well and had wanted to be separated from the British Royal Family & the institution, which all came before he even met and married Meghan Markle. If anything, she presented the opportunity he had always wanted to leave the Monarchy & his royal family and to run away from the United Kingdom especially since she failed to fit within the institution and had failed to properly change it so it’ll suit her progressive ways.

And after the duo had successfully left the British Royal Family & it’s seemingly restrictive ways, they’re now free to present their fantastical tales of victimhood and oppression from a supposedly racist institution, which has become popular with hard-left anti-monarchists, the woke-left, inner-city metropolitan republicans and racial identitarians who are lapping it all up in their attempt to want to destroy the British Monarchy with their hammers and sickles.

An example would be the racially identity politics driven Greens Senator of NSW, Mehreen Faruqi who demanded that the Queen gift “back the money and culture her family stole off and profited off. With interests and reparations.” After having baselessly declared that the same royal family presided over an empire “that has enslaved millions of black and brown people around the world. Their racism and colonialism continues.”

First of all, the Queen doesn’t have a Scrooge McDuck style vault hidden in some forgotten corners of Buckingham Palace, let alone her private residential place of Windsor Castle. The finances of the British Monarchy are funded by three methods, firstly through the sovereign grant (which comes from 15% of Crown Estates revenue), the Privy Purse (from the Duchy of Lancaster-whose rents & real estates are administered by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a cabinet position held by a sitting Government MP in the UK) & through Her Majesty’s personal wealth and incomes (which are derived from her personal estates & private investment portfolio-used primarily for her own personal expenses).

But in regards to items or properties like the Crown Jewels, official royal residences and even art treasures from the Royal Collection, they’re not personally or financially held by the Queen and cannot be sold but must be passed down to the next sovereign (as in to her next successor).

So for a hardleft & racially obsessed identity politics driven Greens Senator to demand that the Queen & her family pay in reparations for their ancestor’s supposed “slavery of millions of black and brown people around the world” is quite an ask, considering how the British Monarchy and the Queen is funded. All thanks to her ignorance of how they’re financed but more so that racial identitarians like Faruqi despise the British Monarchy and will blame their colonialist history and racism to try and tear it down, and royals like Meghan Markle provide her an avenue for which to do so.

But it’s not just that the British Monarchy is a “systematically and/or an fundamentally racist institution”, but that they’ve presided over a colonialist slave history (through the British Empire) and whilst it certainly wasn’t a pretty picture for when various European countries were colonising & building their empires of power centuries ago across the planet, it’s common for the hardleft anti-monarchist & racially-oriented identity politics obsessed so-called “progressive” crowd to use historical grievances in an attempt to try and bring down the British Monarchy.

And despite the British Government having abolished slavery in the empire through the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act thanks to major societal and political pressure to free the slaves. In fact, the pressure to abolish slavery & the slave trade was already well underway especially after the 1772 Somerset Ruling which ruled that “no master ever was allowed here (England) to take a slave by force to be sold abroad because he deserted from his service…therefore the man must be discharged“. And so therefore, the slave, James Somerset won his freedom after having escaped from his master, Charles Stewart and in 1807, the trade of slave was abolished but not slavery itself-until the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act (which took effect on 1 August 1834). But before 1834 and few years after 1807, a legislation was passed in 1811 titled the “Slave Trade Felony Act” that made slavery a felony.

So though previous legislations did little to fully emancipate the slaves and despite the British Government’s $20M to pay for the loss of slaves, full legal emancipation was fully granted in 1833 through the Slavery Abolition Act.

So despite slavery having once been part of human history and sadly, once part of the British Empire, it was through long and arduous years of political and societal campaign to end slavery within the empire, that it finally became a reality. But despite all of that, for the modern historically grievance obsessed and monarchist hating leftists, they are still using past awful crimes as justification for the institution for being systematically and fundamentally racist and out of touch with the general public.

And Meghan Markle’s Oscar-winning performance that a mysterious racist royal said that Archie cannot be a Prince because of his supposed black skin only further fuels enemies of the British Monarchy’s to want it to be destroyed & replaced with an alternative that they can use & manipulate to serve their own political and societal agenda. As for a British Monarchy, it can never be sold, nor can it be manipulated and abused for political purposes which threatens the socialist left’s broader agenda.

But it isn’t just about wanting it to be abolished on the baseless grounds that it’s a fundamentally racist institution, it’s also about self-serving politicians (especially in Australia) & members of the elite chattering class who want to get rid of the British Monarchy & end the Constitutional Monarchy system that’s been in place in Australia since the start of it’s federation in 1901.

Take for example, boy wonder, climate change zealot, fake bedwetting small-l Liberal wet & Michael Photios puppet, Matt Kean who called on failed narcissistic nightmare of a former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, fossil of the Bob Hawke era, Paul Keating & pro-China Labor figure, Bob Carr in a new push for an Australian republic to replace the British Monarchy in the land down under.

This is also the same NSW Minister for Environment and Energy who has a conflict of interest in his office surrounding his Policy Director of Energy, Ava Hancock who has declared her brother Ian’s renewable energy financial interest, (Ian being a business partner to the NSW Liberals moderate faction boss, Michael Photios) and that Kean passed a 100% renewable energy bill back in 2020.

Yet despite not fixing this issue & ensuing that NSW has reliable energy with substantial baseload power so that blackouts won’t happen and industries won’t shut down, Kean is more obsessed to hobnob with the chattering class to want Australia to have it’s very own Australian Head of State instead of the Queen. But there’s a problem with that because Australia does have it’s own Head of State, in the name of the Governor General whose the Queen’s Commonwealth Representative appointed by her on advice of her Prime Minister. Therefore, Australia doesn’t need the Monarchy replaced with it’s own Republic because we already have our own Head of State that represents & executes her constitutional, Commander-In-Chief, community & civil duties and powers whilst in office.

After all, it’s quite literally within the Australian Constitution (someone might wanna print out a copy to boy wonder Kean?)

But the idea that we need to get rid of the British Monarchy just to pave the way for an Australian Head of State shows Kean’s ignorance as who’ll be the President of Australia? Kevin Rudd? The Murdoch Derangement Syndrome suffering, repugnant, neurotic & stratospheric vainglorious nightmare ex-Labor Prime Minister? Malcolm Turnbull? The destroyer of the Liberal Party of Australia & the long-lost Point Piper brother of Kevin Rudd? Bob Carr? The pro-Communist China ex-Foreign Minister? Or Paul Keating? A political fossil? All of these options are not appealing to the general Australian public & shall there be a Presidency of Australia available in the land down under, watching them scramble for the role would be like watching a Australian Game of Throne-it won’t be pretty.

Sure, Australia don’t care much about the British Royal Family but the respect for the Queen is undoubtedly universal. Despite the monarchy’s years of flaws, scandals, tragedies & even at one point-low approval ratings, the Queen’s stoicism & resilience through her near 7 decades of rule, having taken over the throne after the sudden death of her beloved father, His Majesty King George VI in 1952 (whilst she was in Kenya) has given her unparalleled universal admiration and respect.

Even in 1999, a referendum was held in Australia as to whether the Constitutional Monarchy should be replaced with a Republican model and in every Australian state, it was fundamentally defeated and since then, Australia has continued to stay with the current model. So whilst the out of touch Australian Republican Movement takes the side of Meghan and Harry in an interview where they painted themselves as the victims of a racist and bullying institution, it won’t sit well with the Australian public.

As unsurprisingly, a YouGov poll in Britain revealed that Harry & Meghan’s popularity has plunged since the Oprah interview. Which was bound to happen as the both of them sold their families down the river in order to do an interview where they painted a story of their fantastical tales of victimhood, oppression, bullying and having suffered racism at the hands of their own loved ones. It was shameless, utterly despicable & it revealed that both of them are fundamentally and morally broken individuals having no respect, no care & seemingly no love for their family, especially with Prince Harry attacking Prince Charles, Prince of Wales for having cut him off from the purse strings. Nothing was more outrageous than that.

And now it’s revealed via palace insiders that Meghan Markle, emotionally manipulated and bullied staff which cost a high staff turnover over several months when she was still in the palace. So therefore, the image she presented in the interview as a tragic victim of the Monarchy was ruined but it got worse, when Piers Morgan left the ITV’s Good Morning Britain after having picked up on Markle’s claim that her request to get help for her suicidal thoughts was rejected on air before tweeting out that she was a “Pinocchio Princess”.

It seems like criticisms against Meghan is being treated as an unforgivable sin by the woke elites who love her since she’s in their camp, but while I am not a fan of Piers Morgan, him leaving ITV’s Good Morning Britain over merely criticising Meghan’s claims shows how cancel culture is also being used to bring down critics of those who dare to not lap up her claims & accusations against the British Monarchy.

This is blatantly unacceptable and must be called out because if this can happen to Piers Morgan, it can well and truly happen to any of us. The British Monarchy isn’t a flawless institution, but it most definitely has been an institution of national spirit and unity in Britain & in the British Commonwealth. Especially in World War II for when both London & Buckingham Palace were bombed by the German Luftwaffe and instead of fleeing, they (Queen Elizabeth-the future Queen Mother & King George VI) stayed in England in order to raise the national spirit against Nazi Germany which worked brilliantly.

The Queen deserves far better than this b-grade institution trashing soap opera which is hurting her family whilst damaging the palace’s reputation. With her husband in hospital, Prince Andrew sidelined (thanks to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal) & now Meghan & Harry doing everything in their narcissistic, vainglorious, egotistical & selfishly vindictive power to bring down the monarchy, one can only hope that karma will come to punish these runaway royals who demand that they’re seen as the victims and not the palace.

Time for them to lose all of their remaining royal titles, styles, honours and privileges and for them to forever be banned from returning back to the British Monarchy & the United Kingdom.

Enough is Enough.

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