On 31st March 2021, the United Kingdom Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities published their landmark report after being set up by Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the wake of the country’s Black Lives Matter protests.

And upon being published by its reputable Chair, Dr. Tony Sewell (PhD), it was met by outcry by the supposed “anti-racist” left who simultaneously decried & attacked the report’s publications & Sewell as the report was not your usual one.

In fact, it was an incredibly thorough & highly detailed report that dived deep into not only the disparities but also the real complex causes behind it. And the reason why it was so vociferously attacked & smeared by the left was simply because although the disparities do occur, it isn’t sorely because Britain is some backward, oppressive & systematically racist nation that is continuously & fundamentally rigged against ethnic minorities (as it’s been previously believed) and that there are more in-depth reasons for it apart from racism.

In the 258 page report, it makes it clear that although racism is still (sadly) in existent in modern-day Britain, it’s the geography, family dynamics, community, social class & culture that are also important factors to consider when it comes to the disparities between ethnic minorities and White British people.

This is one reason why we believe it is important to look beyond race to other causes of disadvantage, even when considering issues of race and ethnicity. The life chances of the child of a Harrow-raised British Indian accountant and the child of a Bradford-raised British Pakistani taxi-driver are as wide apart as they are, partly because of the UK’s economic geography. Meanwhile, the numerically largest disadvantaged group is low income White boys, especially those from former industrial and coastal towns, who are failing at secondary school and are the people least likely to go to university. (Page 30)

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report 31/3/2021

Already from page 30 of the commission’s report, it goes beyond just leaving the cause of the disparities at racism but talking about UK’s geography as well.

This is one of the many ways that the commission surgically tears apart the left’s persistent myth of “institutional racism” by comprehensively arguing against their narrative that there are institutional and structural hurdles to ethnic minorities succeeding in modern-day Britain. Such as in engaging in education, work, public life, police force and it’s health services.

For the so-called ‘anti-racist’ left, this is the biggest wrecking ball to their nefarious political and societal agenda. Because for years, they’ve never been successfully challenged nor had their claims been put under the microscope and intelligently and bravely dissected & autopsied to investigate it’s truthfulness. But as soon as Boris Johnson ordered this commission & had Dr. Tony Sewell lead the group, it didn’t just spook the left, it utterly terrified them. And what made it even better was that Sewell is a British-born Jamaican man that wasn’t afraid of sticking his head above the parapet to openly discuss about the metropolitan inner-city sensibilities on the actual real causes behind racial and ethnic disparities in Britain.

But the report went even further and the more I read into it, the more I became incredibly impressed by how fearless it was in revealing the hidden truths in regards to the disparities. It even recommended (in among it’s 24 recommendations) that the British government to ditch the “BAME” (British, Asian and minority ethnic) term so that the government “may better focus on understanding disparities and outcomes for specific ethnic groups.” (Page 27)

In a dedicated section of the report, it outlined why the “BAME” term should be ditched & why it doesn’t work. In it, the commission justified ditching the homogenizing term as it’s lumping “all ethnic minorities together“(Page 33) and that it isn’t helpful anymore. Continuing on, they said that it was “demeaning” for them all to be categorized in such a relation when they’re actually not. Calling it a “reductionist idea“, Dr. Sewell & his team argue that it forces us to think that the “principles cause of all disparities must be majority versus minority discrimination“. They also state that just like White British people, ethnic minorities are not a monolithic group and that they have different kinds of attitudes in regards to the British way of life. Instead of “BAME”, they argue for terms like ethnic minority in order to distinguish them from the White population

The commission also railed against the highly divisive and controversial terms known as “White Privilege” & ‘White Fragility” which are terms coined in the United States and that they mean that it’s the fault of white people (because of their skin color) that cause disadvantage experiences towards ethnic minorities. And the commission rejects this approach as it means that being a ethnic minority in the UK is to be unfairly treated by default.

In fact, Britain’s Conservative Equalities Minister (Kemi Badenoch) has also railed against the notion of ‘white privilege in the British Parliament before, condemning that and critical race theory and telling British teachers who teach such regressive Marxist doctrine in their schools as “factual reality” are in fact breaking the law.

And in regards to “White Fragility”, it stemmed from a critical race theory book by critical race theory hustler & grifter, Robin DiAngelo who’s also well-known for her “Try to be less white” social justice course for which many woke companies (such as Coca Cola) have embraced & forced upon their staff members to accept.

This is all undoubtedly & regressively Marxist, replacing the oppressed and the oppressor with individuals with black skin & White people with the aim of destroying social harmony, societal discourse & all of the hard work that’s been done to bring societies to a more racially balanced and multi-ethnic & multi-racial harmonious society all the while individuals like DiAngelo profit off the misery & the racial division.

And with the brilliant Sewell report arguing against white privilege & white fragility, it sends a chill down the new left’s spine as they begin to realize that their racially-obsessive narrative & agenda has finally faced a credible opposition. Not just from any group of individuals, but a group of ten experts handpicked by the British Government from multiple fields and chaired by Sewell who has spent his life working to help impoverished children’s to reaching their full academic & educational potential.

It’s why individuals like Labour’s hard-left former Defence Secretary Clive Lewis put out a tweet attacking the report with the caption “Move along. Nothing to see here” with the hashtag “#RaceReport” accompanied by a picture of a Ku Klux Klansmen and a burning cross in response to another tweet by BBC News (UK) which stated “Wednesday’s Independent Digital: ‘No Proof of Institutional Racism, claims key report.” Meanwhile, Cambridge University Professor, Professor Gopal directly attacked the commission’s chair, Dr. Sewell by comparing him to Joseph Goebbels for having a PhD. And even a United Nations working group bizarrely slammed the report as “normalising white supremacy”.

Not only is it extraordinarily deplorable claims to make but it reveals just how frightened they are of having to confront their delusional narrative that Britain is an irredeemable land awashed of anti-ethnic minority racism with solid evidence from a Conservative Government commissioned report. For them, their precious identity-grievance complex was hit by a report that is bringing down the myth that Britain is institutionally racist and they didn’t know how to react. From terms such as Uncle Tom, coconut, house negro and/or house slave, the anti-racists exposed themselves to be the most sickest, grossest and most appallingly atrocious racist bigots who’ll use every vile bigoted insults and slur to destroy Dr. Sewell’s credibility, reputation & standing within the British public.

After all, in the educational section of the report, it’s crystal clear from the graphs presented that Asians are leading the pack under “percentage of pupils meeting attainment goals” as well as under percentage of pupils meeting attainment goals in early years”. (See images below).

First graph: Percentage of pupils meeting attainment goals in early years

Second graphs: Percentage of pupils meeting attainment goals in early years

As we can see from the graphs above, if Britain really was institutionally racist (as lapped up by the anti-racist left), then how come we can see Chinese & Indian ethnic students (in the first graph) so successful in achieving attainment goals? Or in the second lot of graphs, although we can easily see white students succeeding achieving at least a 2.1 at undergraduate levels, but why are Asian students so successful in achieving their GSCE in English and Math? Could it be because in ethnic-minority families and communities, they’re well-structured and are stable units and prioritise the importance of work and education?

It certainly is indeed (especially with my upbringing) and this isn’t a surprise, especially here in Australia and in many western countries, when migrant parents migrate away from their non-western homes & settle in a first world developed English speaking country, they’ll obviously struggle to re-settle in a new nation. But through sheer hard-work to not only learn the language but to become a citizen and to build a stable life and family is what drives & motivates them in order to retire comfortably. And it’s because of that, both of the parents instill these crucial yet successful values and beliefs onto their children’s, a stable family & prioritising hard work and education in order to thrive & to succeed in a modern western country because without it, life would be undeniably difficult for them. It’s why migrant kids do so well in school (and often do particularly better than their western counterparts), it’s largely thanks to the instilled values, beliefs and attitudes of their family & their community born out of needing to build up a new life in a new country.

Don’t take it from me though, in the commission’s report, they’ve put an empathises on families & have even produced recommendations for the Johnson Govt to adopt which is to undertake a “support for families review” that focuses on areas such as the complexities of fatherhood in different ethnic groups as well as family strains which has been acclaimed by Dame Rachel de Souza, DBE, the Children’s Commissioner of England. Meaning that the commission recognises the importance of families & the need for strains within British families (particularly the ethnic-minority ones) as they know how this’ll affect young children’s who require a stable family but loving unit in order to thrive educationally.

Now this ticks the anti-nuclear family left big time who love to deride that as being a tool of white supremacy despite it being extremely important for ethnic minority communities.

Which is another reason why are so furious of this commissioned report by Dr. Sewell.

Even in terms of health disparities, ethnic minorities have better outcomes in regards to life expectancy, overall mortality as well as many of the leading causes of mortality in the UK. And in regards to the data from Scotland, ethnic minorities have a higher life expectancy than White Scottish people.

And in regards to the hourly median pay gap between ethnic minorities and White people, it has shrunk to 2.3% to it’s smallest levels since 2012 which is fantastic news and it should be celebrated by everyone.

In fact, the report should be celebrated as a whole and commended for delving not only into the real reason why such racial & ethnic disparities occur but also simultaneously highlighting the success of ethnic minorities in Britain. This sends the left into bonking madness as their painted narrative that ethnic minorities are being unfairly treated, face structural & institutionally racist blocks and are being disadvantaged by White people and their “white privilege” are all but a myth build on lies & critical race theory to pit ethnic minorities against White folks.

We should applaud Dr. Tony Sewell and the commission of spectacular experts but in particular Dr. Sewell for chairing it & publishing the report that’ll better & wisely guide the British Government’s policy direction to create a fairer and more racially and ethnically harmonious Britain, one not build on far-left lies dictated by the woke elites & the racial identitarian’s who’ve used the “institutional racist” myth to control the narrative & to assert their moral authority, dictating us to undergo unconscious bias training (oh and that same training has also been rejected by the Commission in their report for which they’ve recommended should be stopped by the government).

For too long, woke companies & entities have swollen the “institutionally racist” myth and have forced their workers to undergo the aforementioned unconscious bias training & other destructive social justice courses, believing that Britain is undeniably and unforgivably racist and they do it particularly towards their White workers to repent their white privilege.

And as spiked online’s Brendan O’Neil has said, the “institutionally racist” myth is a tool used by the woke cultural elites so that “They benefit from it. It guarantees funding to their organisations, clout for their spokespeople, influence for those who can claim the mantle of racial victimhood.” But now Dr. Sewell has directly challenged their baseless and hollow myth and now they’re furious.

We’ve talked about how leftists such as Professor Gopal & Labour MP Clive Lewis have racially attacked Sewell, but one of the absolute toxic voices in the race debate, Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu slammed Dr. Tony Sewell as a “token Black man” and most recently, backbench British Labour MP, Dawn Butler described Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch denouncing the racial slurs against Sewell as “gaslighting at a national scale” (yes Butler really said that). But she went further, referencing a terrible ByLine Times piece, in order to use and justify the “racial gatekeeper” slur of ethnic minorities who don’t subscribe to the identity-grievance complex like she does.

In that ByLine Times article by Musa Okwonga, Musa attacked Conservative ethnic minorities such as Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Home Affairs, Priti Patel, & her predecessor, Sajid Javid & as being “racial gatekeepers”. Standing with white people with “racially regressive views“.

And so because Sewell’s report thoroughly denounces everything that Butler believes in, he’s a racial gatekeeper.

This is why leftist identity politics is so repellent, and the treatment Sewell & his group of non-white experts have received shows why identity politics should never be dabbled by anybody.

From ethnic minorities who refuse to be chained to the identity-grievance complex, to women who disagree with modern-day feminism & homosexuals who denounce the radical leftwing LGBT community, the new left cannot understand why they don’t want others to control their thinking or to let themselves be chained like a mindless slave to Marxist social justice cults. They arrogantly, hubristically & haughtily believe that they own these people, it’s why they obsessively push the “institutionally racist” myth against ethnic minorities, or that society is patriarchal against women.

All of that isn’t true especially in regards to the “institutionally racist” myth, Britain isn’t structurally or institutionally racist and xenophobic against ethnic minorities. After all, Meghan Markle was able to marry Prince Harry & that the incumbent Home Secretary & Chancellor of the Exchequer are both ethnic minorities themselves. No.10’s policy chief, Munira Mirza is also another successful ethnic minority in government as well.

But despite these successes, the anti-racist left will ever accept these achievements and will continuously and obsessively push how blatantly, oppressively & utterly racist and backward Britain is where ethnic minorities will forever be disadvantaged thanks to White British people and their “white privilege”.

Now thanks to the landmark Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report, the facts can no longer be ignored and I highly encourage everyone to read the report. After all, this is a fantastic weapon against the new left’s false claims and lies surrounding ethnic minorities in Britain. Let’s hope that this will be the start of a campaign to finally end this “institutionally racist” nonsense which only serves to destroy Britain’s social harmony & social fabric and hopefully will inspire other similar governments to do the same.

There is now a way to battle the new left’s destructive identity-grievance complex.

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