Recently, at a Pride parade, a group of LGBTIQA++ woke activists chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children!” An ominous and concerning pride chant that exposes the real insidious agenda of the woke gender ideologists who have infiltrated and hijacked the once noble LGB community, bastardising the flag that was one universally respected, supported and accepted. A symbolism of how homosexuals, lesbians and bisexuals were eventually tolerated, welcomed and accepted by society and who fought to also successfully win their rights in a civil rights movement before the gender ideology took over it.

Yet, unfortunately, the LGB community has been severely hurt by the hijacking of the gender ideology cultists through various means targeting children whether it is through drag Queens rainbow story time or through privately and secretly affirming seemingly gender-confused children’s to socially transition behind their parent’s backs, it is something that we should become extremely aware of and what I’ll discuss below.

Sadly, the LGBTIQA++ activists are in fact, ‘coming for our children’ which is highly disturbing. One of them (as already mentioned) includes Drag Queens story time, where young children (including babies and infants) are being taken by their progressively woke left-leaning liberal parents to go and see a man with clownish make-up dressed in racy and skimpy clothing to read stories to them in public places such as a library.  A far better and more mature, and appropriate approach, is to have a grown-up talk from the parents to their children. Not having them see Drag Queens.  

They’re also infiltrating schools (particularly in the West) to push something even more sinister than drag Queens story-times for children, which is gender ideology.  
And what do I mean by that?  

Recently, Turning Point UK, a Conservative activist and political organization based in Britain inspired by its original American counterpart, shared two damming audio and video footages of this dangerous gender ideology infiltrating or having already infiltrated by woke far-left activists into schools across the West, the first footage was of Rye College, where an activist teacher went off at a student questioning why her fellow classmate (who is a biological female) identifying as a cat, that student got into trouble and was lambasted by the outraged teacher for acknowledging that there are only two genders which ended in the teacher demanding they go to another school and to be given an “educational conversation” in “diversity, inclusion and equality” before leaving.  
Rye College is now facing wider scrutiny as Britain’s International Trade Secretary and Minister for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch is now demanding an Ofsted inspection into the school.  
Another footage, this time from Mearns Academy showcased a male student being taken out of class and put into detention for simply stating that there are two genders. An exchange then occurred between the two where the male student stood his ground before being continuously told off by the teacher.  
It’s disturbing that such leftwing activism is being tolerated in Britain’s schools, even worse when the supposed Conservatives Government in Britain have been in power for 13 years, yet not only have had successive Prime Ministers but also multiple Secretaries and Ministers of State for Education.

It’s a complete failure of the Tory ‘Conservatives” Government in Britain to have allowed this to slip through and fight strongly, stopping such dangerous ideological activism marching through British schools with woke teachers willing to be ideological warriors enforcing it onto their students whilst simultaneously condemning others for questioning it behind their parent’s backs.

By propagandising towards children that there are more than two genders and that people can be born in the wrong body and then later transition to the opposite gender, it only serves to confuse them and makes them question if they too are also in the wrong body, thus coming home and shocking their parents that they now identify as something else or as the opposite gender with their new set of pronouns. And tragically, schools already are “socially transitioning” children and are withholding this incredibly crucial information from their parents, therefore, they’re purposely steamrolling over their parental rights which is completely unacceptable.

And speaking about parental rights, unfortunately, parents are indeed losing their rights and control over their children to these dangerous gender ideologists, especially in California and New York. In New York, the Democratic-controlled legislature passed a bill to make the state a “trans haven sanctuary” where parents can take their children to undergo “gender-affirming care” and what’s worse is that, under this policy, it gives New York state the ability to ignore the laws of other states that are against it whilst simultaneously, should the parent who takes their children to New York state to undergo the “gender-affirming care,” violates their custody agreement, the state will not extradite or enforce the said agreement.

And in California, a similar bill had also passed (although done before New York) also made its way through their own Democratic majority legislature by Senator Scott Wiener, turning the state into a trans sanctuary state as well, but sinisterly, parents (under this Californian bill) who do not accept their children wanting to undergo gender-affirming care, will have them taken away and separated from their families to go through irreversible life-changing surgeries and puberty blockers, therefore, potentially damaging and hurting Californian families.

And the surgeries they undergo to transition into the other gender are disturbing as well and are too young to be performed for children. For biological women wanting to transition to a man, they undergo a necessary double mastectomy (called the “top surgery” by the transgender lobby) which is normally done for women who are suffering from breast cancer.

But it gets even worse, as there’s the “bottom surgery” to be done, which for boys, their penises are cut in half, flayed and partially inverted into their body to create what’s called a “neo-vagina” and for girls, this means the flaying of either their arms or legs in an attempt to make a penis for them.

However, it’s not just these surgeries they have to undergo, it’s also being put through puberty blockers and cross-sex hormonal treatments, designed to give transgender care for young children. Delaying and blocking their puberty from naturally occurring, therefore, blocking their bodies from properly and naturally developing and reaching maturity to be able to have sexual reproduction.

Puberty blockers are also I might add, is also used to chemically castrate pedophiles in America which is now being given to children despite not enough studies being conducted on the long-term effects this can cause to an individual and it’s also blocking their natural hormones as well that causes puberty related changes in their bodies.

And what’s particularly bad about puberty blockers is the potential health problems that can arise for youths who are on them which include osteoporosis as well as early-onset cancers and even being made infertile by them, ruining their chance to fall pregnant and enjoy sexual pleasure as their body fails to reach reproductive maturity and to become an adult.

Yet, we have medical professionals who are prescribing children puberty blockers, hormonal treatments and body mutilation surgeries, as they’re under pressure due to the unquestionable affirmative approach and culture that doesn’t tolerate the gender ideological cult being questioned or resisted that has captured the medical industry in which then pushes pressurized parents to have their children be put through these so-called “gender-affirming care” and in the United Kingdom for example, the Tavistock Clinic, a gender clinic under the NHS is facing a large lawsuit from a group of 1,000 British families whose children have undergone puberty blockers despite not knowing the long-term consequences that will arise from being on them.

Dr. Hilary Cass OBE, recently handed down a damming report into the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Services (GIDS) for which Tavistock Clinic is a part of, in which she gave the official verdict of GIDS being “not safe for children.” Dr. Cass’s interim report had also revealed that the clinic prescribing puberty-blocking drugs, that they were being prescribed had a lack of evidence base. Her report was so scathing of the Gender Identity Development Services, that the NHS has announced that it will close GIDS in the near future. And former Governor of Tavistock Clinic, Marcus Evans wrote in Spiked, that what he saw during his time in the clinic was that there was a culture where clinicians and staff were under a culture of where questioning gender ideology was not tolerated.

In the article, “What I saw inside the Tavistock,” Evans described the clinic as having “put troubled children on a conveyor belt towards transition and snuffed out internal dissent.”

Evans explained that despite Dr. Cass’s damming and scathing report against GIDS, there are still 8,000 children on the waiting list to be prescribed puberty blockers and that he had to resign as its Governor in 2019 due to the clinic’s inability to handle staff concerns of its lack of care on offer.

In his Spiked column, Evans took his perspective as a psychotherapist that regarding clinical work, it “should be based on observation, outcome monitoring and long-term research. It should involve debate and discussion about the pros and cons of any treatment approach, and it should safeguard against the risk of doing more harm than good in the long term. But that has not been the case at GIDS.” He calls it a “fundamentally flawed approach,” as due to the clinic being under the gender ideology hive mind, it is prescribing puberty blockers and other short-term solutions to individuals with psychological pain.

In Evans’s experience, young individuals presenting themselves with gender dysphoria claims often times have complex comorbid difficulties, and could actually be on the autism spectrum, or could have anxiety disorders or an unfortunate history of trauma or physical problems. And due to that, it’s “dangerous to focus solely on gender-identity issues to the exclusion of other serious problems that an individual may also be struggling with.”

And what’s particularly startling is how these clinics and other similar places are too often, affirming and accepting the distressed and confused young patients with medical and gender care and solutions when that might not be the best type of care for them as they would ask for gender services to fix their problems, yet, instead of seeking more explorative therapy and taking on a holistic approach that takes into consideration their psychological issues and even comorbid difficulties, it’s gender-affirming care and services they need and what medical professionals and clinics are putting them on regardless of the consequences that will arise from it.

In the same article, Evans continues by calling out the groupthink at the clinic, the former Governor said, “For too long, too many at the Tavistock have been resisting any questioning of their approach. This is hardly a surprise. Many of those at GIDS remain committed to a shared set of beliefs about gender and identity, which define how they see themselves in relation to the rest of the world. They believe themselves to be part of a progressive group with virtuous principles. And they are determined to hold onto these beliefs, even in the face of evidence that challenges them.” And in the clinic, they resisted criticism and whitewashed reports that are critical of GIDS, Dr. David Bell, a former consultant psychiatrist and staff governor at the clinic, had produced such report but this and a letter from 10 parents of children seen by GIDS raised the issues of it having failed to “provide sufficient psychological evaluation of individuals and was too quick to refer them to a medical pathway.” And in both the report and the letter, it called GIDS ending up as a conveyor belt with children being put on puberty blockers before they take up cross-sex hormones. And in response, Dr. Dinesh Sinha, a medical director at Tavistock whitewashed Dr. Bell’s report according to Marcus Evans and they even denied him access to the board of governors meeting regarding Dr. Sinha’s review and in the end, his report was dismissed.

GIDS however, would eventually come under the microscope that’ll result in the government appointing Dr. Hilary Cass to carry out her review of Tavistock clinic, culminating in the damming report which was initially brought on by a judicial review named, Bell V Tavistock that was initiated by Susan Evans and “Mrs A,” the mother of a 15-year-old child who was on GIDS long waiting list. But it was then taken over by a transgender woman named Keira Bell. This judiciary review eventually led to a High Court ruling that under-16-year old’s “were unlikely to consent to puberty blockers.” And this caused the public to draw their attention to GIDS’s services, and Dr. Cass was then tasked to review Tavistock’s services.

In 2021, the Court of Appeals would later overturn the 2016’s High Court ruling on puberty blockers for under 16-year-old individuals.

Before Evans resigned as Governor in 2019, he had put forward to the board whether the clinic had done any follow-ups of the children who have been seen by GIDS and he was told that no follow-ups had actually been done. Even more shockingly, the judges who reviewed the Bell v Tavistock case found out that other than the Dutch Protocol, no other research was available or used by Tavistock on the long-term effects of gender services reassignments.

Tavistock also had not collected any data on how many children seen by GIDS were on the autistic spectrum which, according to Evans was something they should’ve done, and the reason why is because when he led a parasuicide service at King’s College Hospital during the 1980s, he treated several individuals who either attempted suicide or had self-harmed themselves after gender-reassignment surgery.

This is because they’ve had “a history of serious and enduring mental illness and personality disorders” before developing gender dysphoria. And after going through gender reassignment surgery, the patients were angry about having lost their biological functions, and felt that the psychiatric services failed to competently and adequately “investigate their psychological difficulties and their motivations for pursuing reassignment surgery.” Initially, the patients believed that by having these surgeries, it will solve their mental and psychic pain, but when it doesn’t and after a short-term period of happiness and exhilaration, they’ll soon discover that it hasn’t actually solved the pain, sending them spiralling down a path of further anguish and frustration, exasperating the psychic pain which causes them to commit self-harm or even in the most extreme manner, attempt suicide.

Therefore, by not collecting any sort of data on whether children seen by GIDS were on the autism spectrum means that there’s no knowing if they did have some sort of autism or even had Asperger syndrome, and thus were loaded with puberty blockers as the medical professionals at GIDS risked their psychological health all in the name of the gender ideology.

And quite tragically, that is the stark reality, of young individuals with an unfortunate history of serious mental illnesses and personality disorders who then develop gender dysphoria, seeking transgender care hoping it’ll cure their mental pain, who are then blindly affirmed by medical professionals and clinicians alike without their history of mental health being taken into serious consideration. Therefore, they’re getting what they think they need, but not actually what they need, unfortunately leaving them hung up with inadequate care. But sadly, due to the amount of money that can be made with transgender-affirming care and how strong the pro-gender ideology groupthink is, children are being put through it with little to no care or acknowledgment of the long-term and often, irreversible consequences they’ll suffer.

The Tavistock Clinic and the NHS’s Gender Identity Developmental Services is an unfortunate example of how a clinic captured by the gender cult with a culture of unquestionable loyalty and kowtowing to it, a culture where its staff and clinicians’ questions and concerns are shot down and reports whitewashed as dissent was not allowed.

Due to this incident, Britain’s national health services, the NHS has announced that it has now stopped giving children puberty blockers unless for extreme cases whilst other European countries are also scaling back their transgender services for youths such as Sweden who are reversing its use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones according to the Swedish National Board of Health, due to the lack of studies and research available on their side effects and efficacy.

Sadly, in America though, these transgender affirming care for youths is still being tolerated predominantly due to the enormously pro-LGBTIQA++ and pro-gender ideology Biden Administration and this was reaffirmed by Rachel Levine, America’s highest transgender official, as the nation’s Assistant Secretary of Health. In a talk in Connecticut in February 2023, Levine reassured families and children seeking transgender care that it’s supported right up to the highest level of the Biden administration.

“President Biden supports you … Vice President (Kamala) Harris supports you. Across the administration, the departments support you.” And called the attacks against health centers giving such treatments to children as being “ideologically and politically motivated” and also calling them “unconscionable.” And in January, the American Academy of Pediatrics (the AAP) doubled down on their 2018 policy that advocated gender affirming care for minors that also includes puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. As reported in the New York post, the AAP said, “youth who identify as TGD (transgender and gender diverse) [should] have access to comprehensive, gender-affirming and developmentally appropriate health care.”

This attitude along with President Biden himself slammed the bans in Republican states on gender affirming care as being “immoral” and “outrageous,” goes to show how deep-seeded this gender ideological cult is in America despite progressive European countries moderating their stance, such as Sweden.

Children must not be medically experimented on, manipulated and groomed by adults with sinister agenda and well it’s welcoming that it’s rolling back and reversing course in Europe, it is a cause of concern for American families and children as the ideology is openly embraced and accepted by its own government under the guise of providing care and support for transgender kids, and well the intention is good, the risks and consequences that follow certainly aren’t.

And it also isn’t good that from the Assistant Health Secretary of America to the President, to the White House Press Secretary and the Democrat party believe that they own America’s children, adopting this sinister and creepy attitude so they can use them for risky treatments, surgeries and highly questionable drugs and medications that have the possibility of turning their life’s upside down forever.

One can only hope that hopefully soon, a strong Republican Presidential candidate who can successfully challenge President Joe Biden and win the next general election and take back the White House to finally put an end to this disturbingly morbid ideology. And that more and more parents become aware as by being knowing about the gender cult and what it’s doing to our children, that families and parents fight back against it not just in America, but also throughout the West where it has also gone to as well.

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