Last night in Adelaide members of violent extremist groups attempted to disrupt the speaking event of celebrity psychologist Jordan Peterson. A large and orderly crowd of thousands of paying attendees were forced to tolerate a thankfully small band of foul smelling obnoxious extremists screaming asinine insults.

But who exactly were these extremists?

Socialist Alternative protest Peterson in Adelaide, note the writing on the loudspeaker

This protest is one of three organised by the “NUS (National Union of Students) against Racism”. This innocuous sounding group is headed by Hersha Kadkol, the NUS “ethno-cultural officer” and an organiser for the Marxist organisation Socialist Alternative. Hersha was most recently in the news for organising a small protest outside Network 10’s offices demanding the broadcaster sack Studio 10 presenter Kerri-Anne Kennerley for pointing out some hard truths about the problems of Aboriginal Australia. Hersha has also publicly declared that Peterson’s views are unacceptable due to the fact that they “are straight out of the 1950s” and that he needs to be “confronted”.

Hersha Kadkol, Socialist Alternative activist.

Also involved in the planning was a group called “Adelaide Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” (ACARF) a Socialist Alternative front group obviously inspired by the “CARF” group of Melbourne. One of the main organisers for ACARF is Tom Gilchrist, a Socialist Alternative activist most famous for being found guilty of organising the violent mob attack on Senator Cory Bernardi’s electorate office that left Bernardi’s wife and staff cowering in a locked back room as a group of far left thugs trashed everything they could. Also involved in ACARF are Ezra Chapple (Socialist Alternative) whose claim to fame comes from the fact that she once screamed “Racist” at Scott Morrison, as well as Zanny Edhouse (Socialist Alternative), Daniel Neser (Socialist Alternative) and others from that same extremist group.

Socialist Alternative thugs led by Tom Gilchrist trash Senator Bernardi’s office while his wife and staffers hide.

Tonight in Melbourne an Anti-Peterson meeting is being held at Victorian Trades Hall to discuss exactly why he’s so bad. The main speaker is Roz Ward, an organiser for both Socialist Alternative and the Trotskyist electoral front Victorian Socialists who is perhaps best known for her part designing the “Safe Schools” program and for declaring that her life’s mission will not be complete until the “racist rag” of the Australian national flag is torn down from on top of the Victorian parliament building and the red flag of Communism put up in its place.

Roz Ward Socialist Alternative activist attacks man for wearing a Trump hat in 2016

Tomorrow night when Peterson actually speaks in Melbourne yet another event is planned by the Socialist Alternative front group “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” or CARF. This protest is being organised and led by Socialist Alternative activist Chris Di Pasquale, perhaps best known for almost getting run over while leading the violent assault on the buses taking attendees to the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux event in Melbourne’s northern suburbs last year.

Yet another protest against Peterson is due in Canberra on Friday night. This one organised by extremist activists such as Nick Carlton, Wren Somerville, and Gabi Hawkins all three of whom stood for office in the NUS last year under the Socialist Alternative banner. Somerville has acted as a representative of the “Disarm ANU” group which seeks to force the university to sever business and academic ties with Lockheed Martin while Carlton has acted as the treasurer of the Socialist Alternative club on ANU. Also indicating attendance on the event’s Facebook page is Rick Kuhn, one of the longest active Marxist extremists in Australia with a history of membership in Trotskyist groups stretching back to the late 1970s.

The protest on the 16th in Sydney is being organised again by Hersha Kadkol under the banner of NUS Against Racism but also by a new group called “Unite Against the Far Right”. While this group is very new and very small a guess as to who is behind it can be made by noting that near every like and comment on its young Facebook page has been made by known Socialist Alternative members and activists such as Gavin Walker and Vinil Kae. The main protest page has supportive comments and commitments to attend from Chris Anderton, Tess Lewis, Elizabeth Flaherty, Maddie Powell, James Morched, Jack Mansell, April Holcombe, Emma Dok, Liv Claire and Gina Elias all of whom are of course known Socialist Alternative members, activists and organisers.

Of particular interest for the Sydney event is that Omar Hassan is attending, the man who migrated north from Melbourne with his sister to re-start the Socialist Alternative branch. Omar is best known for leading the thuggish protests against the Reclaim Australia Rallies that were so violent that his allies in the Greens and Socialist Alliance published a public letter rebuking him for leading the attacks on police.

Omar Hassan, Socialist Alternative activist and organiser.

It’s worth pointing out (since no Australian journalist ever seems to) that Socialist Alternative is a revolutionary Marxist group in the Trotskyist tradition. Their stated goal is to violently overthrow the Australian government via extra-parliamentary means. As stated on their own website their ultimate aim is to abolish the police, the army, the courts, free speech, freedom of religion, private property, the concept of borders and the very idea of Australia as a nation and replace all these things with a totalitarian regime run by themselves.

Socialist Alternative is the biggest, best organised and most violent political extremist group active in Australia today. They’re going after the mild mannered and inoffensive Jordan Peterson because they can. They’re trying to intimidate attendees at what is essentially a self-help seminar because they want to put pressure on any speaker who doesn’t conform to their viewpoints in order to move the window of publicly acceptable speech further towards their extremist views. Last time Peterson visited they didn’t feel confident enough to protest him, but times have now changed. Since they have received no pushback from the press, from the establishment or from the police (who sometimes even attempt to extort money from their victims) they have grown ever bolder. Last year Peterson didn’t deserve baying mobs of Marxists attempting to blockade his events, this year he does, next year it will be someone else, and then someone else again.

These people are already in our schools, our universities and increasingly in our unions. The time to speak up, stand up and organise against these thugs is now. There is no place for the murderous, failed ideology of Marxism in 21st century Australia and it’s about time some of these people were reminded of that fact.

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