Biographical Documentary Released on Tommy Robinson. Another to be Released Exposing the BBC


We all know what the mainstream media says about Tommy Robinson. I won’t bother to repeat any of it here but I am pleased to announce that a three-part biographical documentary called the Real Tommy Robinson, produced by Paul Burgess has just been released which blows apart the mainstream media myths.

All three parts of the documentary are available for free on Tommy’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. It promises to be one of the defining documentaries of 2019. You can watch them all below.

In the documentary, Tommy talks about his life and what led him on the path he has so far walked and definitively refutes the charges laid against him by critics both on the far-left and across the spectrum of the political establishment.

The documentary will go a long way to answering the critics of Gerard Batten MEP who has courted controversy through his close working relationship with Tommy and the proximity of Robinson through this relationship to UKIP.

Tommy has a documentary scheduled for release on February 23rd exposing the BBC’s news documentary program called Panodrama exposing the BBC’s lies, fake news and contempt for the working class. He plans to premiere the documentary outside the BBC office.

Tommy has been releasing clips of his exchanges with BBC which will be featured in the documentary on his Facebook page.

Directly addressing the BBC and Hope Not Hate, whom he expects to be in discussions to stop him broadcasting his bombshell expose, Tommy Robinson told them that there is NOTHING they can do to stop it being screened on February 23rd:

“There is nothing anyone can do to stop me screening this documentary.”

Even if a court injunction was taken out which sent him to prison for airing the documentary, it would still be aired, he promised.

He has said that these snippets are nothing compared to the entire package. He told viewers “I will categorically prove that the BBCs programs”, such as Panorama, are scripted.

What this should be about, Tommy said, is the “license fee”. It will “p*** you off” when people see how their money airing the and how the BBC “p***** money up the wall”.

In his latest video update he once again insisted that he fears being taken off Facebook but will still continue to “drip-feed” footage of the “most sensational expose of the BBC this country has ever seen” every 72 hours.

Tommy went on to explain that he has been defunded by the decision of Paypal to ban him from their platform. He went down from four employees to one and has been deplatformed on Twitter etc. The next step, he fears, will be that he will be taken off Facebook. In fact, he is “amazed” that he is still allowed a Facebook page which has passed over 1 million likes.

So, Tommy urged people to go to his website to sign-up for email updates so they could share videos he sends out via email; “you are the media”, Tommy said. However, some Internet Service Providers, such as Virgin, have already blocked access to his site.

However, there is a snag, comments began to come in at the
end of the video saying people could not access the site AND Ever since
he made his appeal, he website appears to have gone offline if you try
and access it from a laptop.

Darrell Goodliffe is Editor in Chief of Politicalite, The Unshackled’s UK affiliate. This is updated version of three Politicialite articles COMING SOON: ‘The Real Tommy Robinson’ Documentary Will BLOW APART MSM Myths, DEPLATFORMED: Tommy Fears He Will Be Taken Off Facebook and NOTHING YOU CAN DO: Tommy Tells The BBC And Hope Not Hate They Cannot Stop Expose.

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