Why Don’t Feminists Write I Wouldn’t Leave My Son Alone with a Gay Man?


Fairfax’s man hating Daily Life website came up with a new low in reverse sexism last week. Author Kasey Edwards put forth her reasoning of why she doesn’t allow any man to be unsupervised with her daughters even for a short while. She claims she cannot trust her judgement at all and that child sexual abuse from men is so common that it is just safer to have this rule. She rationalizes her decision saying they are based on cold hard facts and that if she hurts men’s feelings then that is worth saving her daughters from potential sexual abuse.

If you ever wanted an example of moral panic and thinking of every man as potential sex offender and naturally a sexual predator this would be it. This article is not the first article by a feminist to argue that men should not be left alone with children. News presenter Tracey Spicer wrote that she did not want her children to sit next to men on planes. Mia Friedman also asked the question in an article should men be left alone with children? This mindset is an insult to all fathers, uncles, grandfathers, male teachers, childcare workers, sporting coaches and youth leaders who do an outstanding job looking after children.

A lot of people will dismiss these articles as simple click bait designed to generate outrage so that it will be shared around. But there is more to these articles than that, it is part of the feminist mindset that male influences need to be shut out from the lives of children as much as possible. That masculinity is a bad influence and that the next generation needs to be feminized. This goal is of course cloaked under the guise of protecting children.

Feminists argue that facts are on their side and that feelings shouldn’t matter. However, if we take this argument to its logical conclusion there is one group of men who should especially be kept away from children specifically boys, and that’s gay men. Looking at the data sources Kasey Edwards did, you can draw the conclusion that gay man are the most dangerous people for boys to be around.

Based on the Australian Institute for Family Studies girls are subject to sexual abuse more than boys by a ratio of 2 to 1. Based on a fact sheet by the Centres Against Sexual Assault the child sexual abuse ratio of girls to boys is again to 2 to 1. However, this fact sheet also states that 93% of perpetrators are male.

Using these statistics this means that 31% of child sexual assaults would have a male perpetrator whose victims would be boys, meaning that they are homosexual child sexual offences. This is an alarmingly high rate given that according to Roy Morgan Research only 3.4% of the Australian population identify as homosexual. Now many would argue that the male abusers of young boys are not homosexual but motivated by power or is a result of their own sexual abuse. However more medical professionals are calling paedophilia a sexual orientation similar to homosexuality.

Therefore, feminist logic would then dedicate that they shouldn’t leave their sons alone with gay men. But I have never seen a feminist argue this, perhaps because they don’t want to offend their gay male friends who are part of a designated victim group. But they have said they don’t care about men’s feelings, shouldn’t this include their gay male friends’ feelings too, or is that too controversial for them to say?

Now do I believe that gay men should not be left alone with boys? Of course not, it is wrong to cast such generalisation on all gay men based on the above statistics, as it is wrong to do this to all men. Also, these broad statistics do not take into account socio-economic factors in sexual abuse which is large component. Thinking of every second person as a sex offender is not a healthy way to live and teaching your children to distrust all men leaves them scared, less independent and unprepared for the real world. Also, if you don’t trust your judgement about other people I would also question your judgement in other areas of life.

Additionally, Kasey and other feminists who lay the blame on men forget that women are not free from blame when it comes to child sex offenses. Many experts believe female sex offenders are more likely to escape conviction and justice, with such situations going underreported. Reasons include victims unwilling to report female sex offenders for fear of not being believed, or because it is less obvious even for victims to realise that a female has indeed abused them sexually. Because female sex offenders challenge the notions regarding women as nurturing and caring, experts have concluded that child abuse involving a female adult are much more prevalent than what actually gets reported. But conveniently for Kasey, she has chosen to leave this out.

A male and especially a father’s influence is an important part of a child’s development and deny this to a child based on your own paranoia and slave to statistics is a type of child abuse in itself. This latest example of feminist lunacy should not be taken seriously by anyone seeking advice about how to best raise a child.

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