Citizen Journalism

Should the Mainstream Media Be Threatened by Citizen Journalism?

Citizen Journalism (CJ) is a term that inspires both sneering derision by media elites who seek to maintain their authority and status on one hand – and romantic ideas of rebels fighting the power in an information guerrilla war on the other. What is CJ? Where does it fit within the media landscape? Should the Mainstream Media (MSM) treat citizen journalism as a threat? Will the proliferation of User Generated Content and accessibility of the internet as a method of information dissemination spell the end for Professional Journalism (PJ) and the traditional/mainstream media?

3 Signs the Epstein Story Isn’t Going Away

There have been 3 developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case in the last month or so. WeAreChange snuck onto Epstein Island, Project Veritas released leaked audio of a USA ABC host lamenting being muzzled on Epstein, and experienced forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden publicly stated his view that the autopsy of “Epstein points to homicide rather than suicide”. Haven’t you heard? Epstein didn’t kill himself. Let’s dive in.