In early February, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her government’s plan to launch a multi-million pound campaign versus far-right fanatics who pose a clear danger with their extremist narratives. Advertising for the campaign will be managed by M&C Saatchi, the world’s largest independent creative agency network.

The government’s aggressive stance toward the far- right was further motivated by events which involved extremist right wing advocates.

On 16 June 2016, Labour MP Jo Cox was found murdered in Birstall, West Yorkshire, England. The house of her killer, Thomas Nair was found to contain far-right literature and Nazi memorabilia.

Also in 2016, BNP leader Nick Griffin was photographed supplying hooded vigilantes in Bulgaria with bulletproof vests, drones and night-vision goggles.

In 2017 after the Finsbury Park Mosque revenge terror attack Theresa May declared that Islamophobia was a form of extremism.

Recently, the U.K. government has arrested people for posting extremist social media content, taken children away from parents affiliated with a far- right group and arrested people who quoting Winston Churchill.

The government also passed a law that punishes citizens who regularly view extremist content by handing down jail sentences for up to 15 years.

Following United States President Donald Trump’s retweeting of videos of Muslim violence from the account of Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen May reaffirmed her commitment to cracking down on the activities of the far-right.

Earlier in the year we speculated given the historical ties that bind the United Kingdom and Australia, is there a possibility that the Australian government will soon adopt these totalitarian policies?

Already we had seen Australia’s domestic spy agency, ASIO submitted a report to the federal parliament on the activities of several neo-Nazi groups operating in the country.

The report’s findings indicate that these neo- Nazi groups are willing to use “violence to further their interests.”

ASIO’s report centred on the activities of the neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance; which is identified by the use of the swastika in all of its propaganda materials.

Perhaps for the purpose of showing parity, ASIO disclosed it was also targeting groups belonging to the far- left:

“Members of these groups are diverse and have differing agendas including extreme right wing and extreme left wing ideologies.”

However, one can be forgiven for thinking the ASIO isn’t particularly interested in policing radical Islam. The report states the following:

“Social discourse around anti-Islam and anti-migration issues had increased with public protests for and against becoming more frequent and providing more opportunities for convergence between ideological adversaries.”

These views are clearly aligned with the Australian government’s soft stance toward the very real threat of Islam terrorist groups.

In May 2017, the ASIO refuted the assertion from One Nation leader Pauline Hanson that there were links between incoming refugees and terrorist groups. The government ignored the results of polls that showed 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslim immigration.

The government’s response to the survey results was to pass a motion which affirmed its current policies on immigration.

Given its funding support, ASIO may wield its enhance power to supplant Australian democracy with authoritarian policies.

Now we have probable evidence that at least one level of government is initiating its own far-right crackdown. This was Victorian authorities’ response to the clash that occurred outside the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking event in Kensington, Melbourne on Monday 4th December.

Even though the clash involved patriot groups, far-left street activists who organized the main protest and residents of the local housing commission who were of African appearance only one side has been charged.

Seven patriot activists have now been charged and were arrested at their homes by heavily armed police, while Victoria Police have released images of thirteen persons of interest no arrests of the other parties have occurred.

The Victorian Government is also demanding the organizers of the Milo event Penthouse pay $50,000 to cover the police presence which will deter other organizations to invite conservative speakers out.

Milo was also banned by the Western Australia Government from speaking at any venues which were owned by the state because of his alleged hate speech.

You would think authorities in Victoria would have more pressing law and order issues to crack down on such as the state’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave.

It is clear that given there is still bipartisan support for the twin policies of further immigration and multiculturalism a far-right crackdown in some form will fester in Australia as a demonstration of too much dissent from the populace for the politicians’ agenda is too damaging for them.

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