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One of the most contentious social issues in Australia is that of feminism and men’s rights. Feminists in Australia have captured our media and political class which they use to push their pet causes of domestic violence, rape culture, the gender wage gap and male privilege. Meanwhile any attempt to discuss men’s issues is dismissed and ridiculed as we saw with the media treatment of Cassie Jaye director of the men’s rights movie the Red Pill when she was in Australia.

Her publicist for her tour was Bettina Arndt who has been one of Australia’s most prominent men’s rights advocates and critic of the modern feminist movement. She regularly appears on Sky News programs and speaks at a number of public policy events. In addition to her media work her day job is she is an online dating coach and was known as one of Australia’s first sex therapists in the 1970s.

She discusses her history as a sex therapist and what is involved in being a dating coach and how the internet has changed dating. We look at the modern man and ask Bettina has the welfare of men improved over the last 50 years given that men’s mental health services have improved. We look at the modern woman and if women are happier as a result of women’s liberation and having more life choices. We discuss Bettina’s research in the area of domestic violence, the supposed rape epidemic on university campuses and discrimination against fathers in the family courts.

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