Not Even the Police Are Safe in Victoria’s Crime Wave


Victoria is suffering from an epidemic of violent crime mainly perpetrated by gangs of African youths. Now there are multiple gang attacks per week occurring in people’s homes and out on the streets. There is also now a new crime gang called Menace to Society which joins the Apex gang in terrorising the residents of Melbourne.

It is now so bad that residents in some Melbourne suburbs sleep with baseball bats as home invasions have become a frightening everyday threat. We have seen major public places in Melbourne turn into gang battlegrounds with members of the public being mugged and the gangs even fighting amongst themselves.

The gangs are aided and abetted by a politically correct media and political class. The human rights lobby has been more concerned about the rights of child criminals than protecting ordinary Victorians. They believe that reports of a crime wave are fake news. They have recently started a new campaign to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14.

They also believe it is racist to highlight the fact that these crimes are being perpetrated by youths of African appearance. In fact, Labor MP Tim Watts today demanded more reporting of white criminal acts.

As we saw with the riot outside the Milo Yiannopoulos Melbourne event the left even called on African youths from the local housing commission in Flemington to assist with their attempt to shut down the event and attack police protecting the venue.

Victorians are crying out for leadership by our politicians and police. This isn’t helped by the fact that the state is without a Police Chief Commissioner with Graham Ashton on stress leave.

Of course, it is not just violent gang crime Melbourne is dealing with as we have just seen the third car attack in Melbourne’s CBD this year with the Flinders Street attack carried out by a 32-year old Afghani refugee who was known to both police and mental health authorities.

But we have learned in the past week that not even the police themselves are safe from Victoria’s crime gangs. Before Christmas Victoria Police confirmed that youth gangs are now attempting to ambush police officers by luring them into backstreets. This was after a mob of 40 African gang members failed in their attempt to lure police officers into a laneway in Tarneit in Melbourne’s west.

Yesterday when a police officer a Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s north was attempting to arrest a shoplifter he was confronted by a large gang of African youths and was struck in the head. A 16-year-old Flemington boy has been arrested while another remains on the run.

It is fair to say that if even Victoria Police cannot restrain these youths then what hope have us ordinary citizens got? Victoria Police have denied they are a soft target, however we should keep in mind they only follow the orders of their superiors. Surely you would hope now that Victoria’s police officers are on the cusp of a revolt demanding more resources and more leeway to deal with violent offenders out in the field?

While the Andrews Victorian Government has not tackled this crime wave with action that is needed failure also rests at the federal level. Federal Governments of both sides have overseen a lax immigration and refugee program which means that most violent crime Melbourne is currently experiencing has been imported and could have been avoided. The federal government has at least taken some action by vowing to deport African youth offenders.

So far, the masses have been peaceful and the police obedient despite the spate of violent gang crimes in Melbourne suburbs this month and the Andrews Government going about their business as usual. But with a state election due in 2018 the people of Victoria should make their voices heard and tell the state government to stick their political correctness and sensitive new age policing and corrections policies and make the streets safe again.

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