Victoria Police Superintendent Denies African Link with Youth Crime


Victoria’s violent crime wave has got worse this month, there was the violent gang riot and robberies at St Kilda Beach, an Airbnb property was trashed in Werribee by a gang of 100 youths and police called were pelted by rocks. A man was murdered with a machete by a gang and another man was attacked outside a Melbourne housing commission by a local gang. Now Victoria Police are being attacked by youth gangs as one attempted to lure officers into a backstreet in Tarniet and an officer was attacked attempting to arrest a shoplifter at Highpoint Shopping Centre.

All of these criminal acts had one thing in common, they were perpetrated by youths of African appearance. The two prominent gangs in Melbourne Apex and Menace to Society are made up of African youths. You cannot formulate a response to these violent crimes unless you acknowledge this basic fact of reality. It is not racist to describe the physical appearance of those who commit crimes.

However some members of Victoria Police are still in denial. Victoria Police’s Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald in response to the Highpoint attack stated “We have problems with youth crime across the state and it’s not a particular group of youths we are looking into. It’s all youths. It’s youth crime”. When she was pressed further she stood firm “I think we might look at issues across the state this week where there were public order incidents … they were not African youths at all”.

Does that mean Victoria Police is now going to make a special effort to harass youths across the state so it can be politically correct? The police force are meant to enforce the law and apprehend criminals without fear or favour. It seems they fear being labelled racist and favour still believing we are currently living in a multicultural paradise.

Let us hope that this is Fitzgerald’s personal opinion and is not reflective of Victoria Police’s attitude at large who now that they are being targeted by these gangs must be mighty sick of these African gangs running rampant throughout the state.

Of course what would help Victoria Police deal with this wave of violent crime is if we had a state government which wasn’t more concerned about people being racist that fighting actual crime and a federal government that was actually willing to review our current immigration and refugee program. It sounds like Victoria’s crime problems will get worse before they get better and the people and police will need to revolt before any serious action is taken.

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