One week ago I made some predictions about the protesters then organising to shut down Nigel Farage’s event in Melbourne on Friday night.

I predicted that the protest would be fairly mediocre by Melbourne extreme left standards, that it would be organised by Socialist Alternative (the biggest, best organised violent political extremist group in Australia), that Socialist Alternative organiser Chris Di Pasquale would likely be the spokesman for the protesters and that the Australian media would completely ignore the violent extremist background of both Di Pasquale and the groups protesting.

Every single one of those predictions proved accurate.

The protest, billed on Facebook as having almost 700 people either confirmed attending or interested gained at most 100 people and probably quite a few less. Considering that the event inside had well over a thousand paying patrons that is indeed rather mediocre.

Socialist Alternative were not only the organisers but were The predominant group throughout the crowd. As well as Chris Di Pasquale SAlt organisers Jerome Small, Nahui Ludekens, Cameron Moon, Mick Armstrong and Oliver Downes were all in attendance as well as a host of other SAlt members, most wearing the fluro-orange vests marking them as protest organisers.

Socialist Alternative organiser Cameron Moon kindly offers a police officer a drink.

The protest nominally organised by the “Campaign against Racism and Fascism” front group had far more signs and placards advertising SAlt than CARF.

Cameron Moon of SAlt discusses his earlier drink offering with several other police officers.

The idea that any fair observer could describe CARF as anything other than a flag of convenience for Socialist Alternative is now ludicrous; especially now as they seem to have chased out almost all the other Left wing extremist groups who founded the organisation with them in the first place.

Chris Di Pasquale of Socialist Alternative with Debbie Brennan of the Freedom Socialist Party

Chris Di Pasquale was indeed the spokesman for the violent protest, declaring the day before on Neil Mitchell’s radio show on 3AW that he and his friends are happy to use force to shut down anyone whose views they consider “extreme” and that they would give those whose views they considered unacceptable “the welcome they deserve”.

Di Pasquale of Socialist Alternative addresses the media outside yet another violent protest he organised this year.

This welcome apparently involved blocking the entrance to the event while abusing, screaming and attacking anyone who was trying to attend as part of a frenzied mob of some of the most radical political extremists in Australia.

Police hold the line against extremist protesters

And sadly my last prediction proved accurate as well.

The protest received coverage both in Australia and in Britain across multiple outlets, none of whom mentioned that the mob trying to shut down Farage was organised (and mostly consisted of) violent extremists.

Victoria police officer reacts healthily to the smell of socialism.

Several outlets even quoted Chris Di Pasquale as the spokesman for the mob, yet none of those pointed out his role as an organiser for a group that openly boasts that it wants to instigate a violent revolution to overthrow the Australian government and implement a totalitarian socialist regime.

Elliot Downes of SAlt (high-vis, centre) addresses the protest.

Not only did Zamira Rahim of the UK Independent newspaper not mention the fact that CARF is a front group for a violent Trotskyist sect, she even included a helpful link to the CARF Facebook page in her article.

Holding the megaphone is Elliot Downes of SAlt. At bottom left of screen is Mick Armstrong, founder of SAlt in 1995.

Why are journalists so hesitant to point out the bleeding obvious? Why are Marxists and Anarchists allowed to masquerade under the banners of “anti-racism” or “anti-fascism” as if they were normal, decent members of the Australian community rather than the treasonous extremist toe-rags that they are?

Marxist activist Edward Plowman lurches around the protest groaning for brains.

Partially it’s because some journalists share their views. The Guardian Australia alone employs on its opinion pages: Van Badham a proud Anarcho-Communist, Jason Wilson a friend and promoter of Anarchists on two continents and Jeff Sparrow one of the founders of the Socialist Alternative itself.

But while most journalists in this country do lean decidedly left of centre and are sympathetic to some of the causes the extremists they cover up for espouse that isn’t the entire answer.

Anarchist at the protest being arrested for refusing to remove face mask and hoodie

The biggest reason they fail in their duty to expose the nutcases running around assaulting, threatening and blockading anyone they consider unworthy of speech is laziness. Most journalists in Australia don’t want to go to the trouble of writing about a narrative that doesn’t already exist and especially couldn’t care less about selling that narrative to their editor.

Which is why those of us on the Australian dissident right need to spread this knowledge far and wide. Unless the narrative is created outside their bubble and the ridicule of their lazy culpability becomes so loud that it penetrates even their almost impermeable inner city bubble the Australian media establishment will never have any reason to show these thugs for what they are.

Killing fields in Cambodia. This is where Marxism ends. Never forget.

And they need to be shown. Marxism murdered 100 million people in the 20th century and now these idiots want to try it again.

They need to be exposed, dragged out into the light where everyone can see what they really are and just how disgusting the bile, hate and envy gnawing away behind the fanatical fire in their demented eyes really is.

Communist officer spreading equality.

There is no place for Marxism in 21st century Australia, and it’s about time some people were woken up to that fact.

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