ABC Fact Check Lies About Sudanese Crime


Can you believe it? It turns out ABC “fact checks” are lying to you about social justice narratives.

As I have previously covered, there is an ongoing and very stupid controversy over the recognition of a problem with African gangs, particularly in recent waves of immigration to Australia. The ABC sought to inform the public last week after hosting “social justice advocate” and practising lawyer Nyadol Nyuon who claimed “The overwhelming majority of crimes in Victoria are committed by Australian and New Zealand-born people … South Sudanese do commit about 1 per cent of the offences.”

Notice how the qualifier “born” is conspicuously absent from the ABC’s headline. As everyone knows, the vast majority of people whom this article reaches will read only the headline and take it at face value. Funnily enough, the ABC Fact Check is always sure to include the claim rating in the featured image so you need look no further.

So here is the ABC’s analysis:

“According to data compiled by the Victorian research body the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA), the vast majority of crimes in Victoria are committed by Australian and New Zealand-born people.

Between April 2017 and March 2018, they made up a combined 73.5 per cent of the unique offender population (those people alleged to have committed crimes) in Victoria; whereas, those born in Sudan made up 1.1 per cent.”


But nobody outside of ABC social engineers desperate to maintain their narrative would count only those born in Sudan as the Sudanese population of Australia. That definition considers a child born to two Sudanese parents the day they immigrated as 100% Australian and 100% non-Sudanese.

There’s also the statistical obstruction created by Victoria Police’s adopted no-arrest policy toward the African Gang issue. For example; this incident, sadly only a month ago, involved property damage and assaults on police with projectiles. These crimes will never be counted in statistics because no arrests were made and no charges laid. Strangely the ABC sought not to consider this a relevant factor.

This is downright dishonest at best and egregious propagandising at worst. At the time of writing, the ABC’s International Fact-Checking Network credential is expired. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get renewed.


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