Ummm... Kath do your friends know you use their printers to help support murderers?

Oh Kathleen, did you really think we didn’t know?

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it’s forever.

What this means is that sometimes things people have said or done in the past can come back to haunt them, sometimes in a silly way, sometimes in a scary way.

Black masks in Melbourne

And sometimes if you’re one of those severed pieces of distended rectum in the salad bar of life that call themselves Anarchists, in a hilarious way.

After the unprovoked, cowardly and vicious masked assault on The Unshackled’s Martin Hartwig on Sunday night quite a few people on the extreme Left suddenly realised that their social media profiles said more about them than they had hoped.

These people then began erasing everything they could as quickly as they could.

But the internet is forever.

Socialist Alternative member Stephen Koukoulas with some masked Anarchists

The Australian extreme Left is made up almost entirely of two parts: the Trotskyist Marxists from groups like Socialist Alliance and Socialist Alternative, and the Anarchists who wear black masks and enjoy breaking other people’s property (because.. like.. property isn’t REAL man).

These two sides correlate to the two flags seen on the Antifa logo, red for Marxism and black for Anarchism.


Antifa logo: red flag for communism, black flag for anarchism

All the Australian protests against Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux outside of Brisbane were organised by the Marxists. Most things on the Australian far left are. The reason Marxism still exists in this country thirty years after the fall of the wall is due to the fanatical, almost cult like organising of its Trotskyist branch.

The protest in Brisbane on the other hand was (for various reasons) organised by the Anarchists.

They’re allowed to film you, you’re not allowed to film them

Anarchists are not very good at organising and tend to be secretive, paranoid and cliquish. This was a boon for those of us watching from the outside as it meant nearly everyone out of the forty people who eventually attended was an outright extremist of one variety or another, and those without masks now have their faces on the internet forever.

Online forever

Thanks guys!

The website who organised the protest calls itself Brisbane Anti-fascist Action and they identify fully with the Anarchist tradition. You can see this by the variant of the Antifa logo they use where the red flag of Communism has been replaced with a red and black flag representing Anarcho-Communism.

Anarcho-Communist flag in front, Anarchist flag at rear

This is the Brisbane AFA page admin agreeing with one of their commenters who called for Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern to be put up against a wall and shot declaring “Wall or nothing”.

“Wall or nothing”

Lovely people, plenty more like that too.

Which brings us to Kathleen.

Kathleen McLeod is an admin (and probably the only admin) on the Anti-Fascist Action Brisbane page as well as an organiser of the protest that resulted in Martin Hartwig being attacked and hospitalised.

Hi Kathleen!

She prefers to call herself “Kathleen Tukorehu” and identifies as a Maori (of course) peppering her discourse with Maori language words despite being so white as to be almost transparent.

While we won’t show everything here needless to say Kathleen has been very prolific online.

Ms McLeod fully endorses the use of “violent imagery” in promoting Anarchist events, fully endorses doxing people whose political views she disagrees with, believes prisons are a racist social construct which should be abolished and really, really, really hates police.

Not a fan of the boys in blue

I mean really hates police.

Kathleen; not a law enforcement enthusiast.

Especially Victoria Police (do you think someone should tell her?).

She’s also friends with some notable Greens politicians in Brisbane as well as having online contacts with two prominent “mainstream” leftist opinion columnists working for a major news outlet. Imagine that.

Kathleen even boasted that she had access to former Greens deputy leader Larissa Waters and Brisbane Greens Councillor Johnathon Sri’s taxpayer funded printing resources to use on a campaign in support of cowardly Anarchist murderer Jock Palfreeman.


I’m not sure elected officials would be all that happy about Kath publicly associating them with an extremist who was jailed for stabbing a guy to death from behind.

Who knows? The Greens have gotten a bit strange recently.

Kathleen and her friends are a bit shy since the assault that put Martin in Hospital and have been busy trying to scrape every last trace of themselves off the internet. It was hilarious watching their social media profiles suddenly disappear or get scrubbed of any identifying pictures or references to Anarchism at roughly 2am Monday morning.

Why Kathleen, where did you go all of a sudden?

Oh and Kathleen? It was really easy to find out where you work. We won’t publish it here. We don’t do that.

Because we aren’t like you. We’re better than you, much better.

Kathleen (second from right) pretending to be Maori

After looking over the details of Katherine’s life, observing a rapidly aging, overweight, single woman with no kids and no prospects of a family on the wrong side of thirty pretending to be a Maori to desperately try and feel some connection to the world around her I was tempted to feel pity.

Kathleen (centre, seated) pretending to be Aboriginal while protesting the Commonwealth games.

Then I remembered Martin, and all the others like him in Australia back through the decades that have ended up bleeding on the ground because of evil, deluded, self hating people like her and her friends.

And I know that people on the Australian Right will be cheered up immensely at the thought that some masked anonymous cowards are not so anonymous anymore.

There is no place in 21st century Australia for the outdated, divisive and destructive ideologies of Marxism and Anarchism. It’s about time some people learned that.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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