British values and anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson has spoken for the first time since his release from prison after his conviction for contempt of court for filming outside of Muslim grooming gang trial in Leeds was overturned by the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

First Tommy released an emotional video on his Facebook page which showed him reunited with his wife and kids and where he thanked those who had supported him during his appeal and time in prison. He said he would not be deterred by the state’s intimidation of him but would be taking two weeks off to spend with his family before resuming his political activism.

He gave his first interview to his former employer Ezra Levant of Rebel Media about his treatment in prison. Many people noticed immediately how much thinner Tommy appeared and he confirmed he had lost 40 pounds while in prison. This was because he had refused to eat the cooked meals given to him in prison due to the fact that they were prepared by Muslim inmates. He survived on tins of tuna.

Tommy and Ezra agreed that the fact he was moved to a prison with a 71% Muslim population was done so to give authorities an excuse to put him in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. He could not even have his prison windows open as other prisons could spit or throw projectiles in.

Ezra Levant called Tommy’s treatment a form of torture and said if he was Muslim prisoner Guantanamo Bay there would be mass international outrage from the media and human rights groups and campaigners. He addressed Tommy’s prison treatment in a separate solo video.

Tommy also spoke about the letters of support he received while in prison which were given to him in massive black sacks and how they kept him going and kept him occupied during his solitary confinement.

Ezra also took the time to plead with Tommy to tone down his activism to avoid another prison sentence saying that even 90% Tommy is still better activism than what any other person is capable of.

Ezra also spoke with Tommy’s supporters outside of the court who for the past two months have helped keep Tommy’s plight in the mainstream news and spearheaded the worldwide Free Tommy movement.

Tommy thanked Ezra for crowdfunding his legal fees through a Rebel campaign. Despite Tommy’s departure from Rebel earlier in the year to become an independent journalist and activist the pair still remain on friendly terms.

Ezra Levant had travelled to the UK from Canada to cover Tommy’s appeal and in another video went through the judgment from the Royal Courts of Justice calling it vindication for Tommy’s supporters that he was denied due process during his initial conviction by what he termed a kangaroo court.

Ezra called Tommy a political prisoner and that there needs to be more scrutiny and accountability of the process that saw Tommy unjustly imprisoned. The summary of the court judgement has been retweeted on Ezra’s twitter account from American lawyer Will Chamberlin.

Tommy for a number of years has shown himself completely fearless in his activism even after he was first imprisoned for mortgage fraud in 2012. Given the physical toll on Tommy’s body his most recent 2-month stay in prison has taken it remains to be seen how Tommy will approach his return to activism.

There is still a retrial pending of his Leeds case which he has been released on bail, so Tommy may have to go through this experience all over again.


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