Jane Caro, the Queen of the frequent flyers, godmother of the Qantas lounge, proud owner of a 100 acres eucalyptus hardwood & Australia’s favourite crazy accidental Twitter feminist is back at it again, as recently she “bush bashed” her gas guzzling landcruiser whilst driving on slippery roads but that’s not what got her the attention she was craving for, because the focus was on her sheer and blatant hypocrisy over driving an emissions spewing land cruiser despite being one of Australia’s most noted climate change warriors, she flies off to various climate emergency summits (whilst simultaneously bragging it on Twitter) and makes it loud and clear that she proudly votes for the leftwing Green party of Australia who have made climate change as one of their biggest political and economic agendas.

But it’s not just those that make her a pompous hypocrite when it comes to climate change, because Caro doesn’t keep it quiet about her progressive environmental activism, even going as far as publicly slamming journalist Michael Smith (on Twitter) as being a (so-called) “climate denier” whilst attempting to justify her consistent hypocrisy by saying that she has a 100 acres of hard wood eucalyptus to suck up the carbon “and some more”.

And just like the Owl from a Hundred Acres Wood, it’s Jane’s narcissism and moral superiority attitude that blinds her to her very own hypocrisy and arrogance, she’s an affluent inner-city progressive that carries all of the modern left’s fashionable woke causes, flies the flag of the climate doom-mongering Church of St. Greta Thunberg all the while she looks down on those “truculent turds” that don’t share her ideological views & despises those that dare to call out & challenge her beliefs (as she did with journalist Michael Smith).

She says that she is existentially terrified of climate change, yet is one of the biggest, most unabashed and most racked up frequent flying climate Wonder Woman Australia has probably seen, and that’s where her most grandest of all of her hypocrisy lies, right at the heart of her love for flying, and it’s as strong as her climate activism. In fact, she’s gone to the Qantas Lounge so much that she’s even tweeted out that the staff recognise her (poor bastards, they must be ducking behind the bar or escaping to the nearest restrooms whenever the Queen of the frequent flyers enters into the lounge, knowing that she’s back at it again) she’s such an asset to the airline & airline lounge industry, it’s on par with her contributions to the Australian wine industry, and that she even has a Order of Australia to show for it (ok that may not be entirely true, but you get what I mean).

If anything, Caro represents the well-pampered, comfortably well off & highly privileged inner-city progressive elite in Australia whose completely and utterly detached from reality, yet still thinks that she makes a genuine contribution to the Australian community at-large, propped up by our national broadcaster and breakfast television, it’s unfortunate that as long as those avenues exist, Jane Caro will continue to sprout her wonderful views on a myriad of issues that she certainly ain’t an expert on.

She also is someone who supports policies and the agenda of the green-left that would make air travel exponentially more expensive and could only be afforded by the well-pampered & the wealthy such as Caro herself, and (god forbid) should Australia actually end up adopting and implementing such green-left agenda, it would sink the middle class, drive the economy to the wall & we would see jobs off-shored permanently whilst a whole new climate aristocracy would be created, consisting of Caro & her inner-city progressive elite friends, who’ll be the ones only to afford the expensive lifestyle and air travel as well as the high power prices (thanks to the fact that renewables will replace all reliable forms of energy such as coal and gas).

It’ll also allow her & her progressive types to fly to domestic and international sojourns unashamed, and with their climate guilt being pampered and soothed after Australia has literally turned it’s once thriving capitalist economy upside down to satiate the green-left radicals.

And that’s what it’s always has been about, sacrificing our current standards of living, our capitalist economy & our democracy to not only implement the modern socialist left’s agenda, but also to make sure that they won’t be full of self-loathing & blame over their climate-guilt the next time they fly to another utterly pointless UN Climate summit or to hobnob with each other on the set of an ABC program.

Yet, if you dare to question our very own down under climate crisis warrior & challenge her ideological devotion to the climate change religion, she’ll angrily fire back by sternly reminding you that she’s a cattle breeder and a part-time owner of a wine company, whilst simultaneously gaslighting you that you’re the one with the problem all the while she takes a sip of her husband’s wine’s (that nobody ever buys) out on her verandah overlooking the 100 acres of eucalyptus hardwood, clearly dying from being forced to suck in all of her intolerable hot air.

So although she comes off as a sweet little middle-aged lady, as soon as you have the nerve to challenge her unshaken faith in the church of climate change, Jane Caro will strike back at you with anger just like the Queen of Hearts when she discovered that her roses were painted red.

It’s simply incredible that Jane Caro has the moral superiority to (and metaphorically speaking), bash over the head of the unwashed climate deniers with her wraith on the issue of climate change, not even allowing debates or any nuance, it’s either you sternly agree with her and the green-left ideology, or you’re the one that’s being blinded by ideology and is supporting the fossil fuel, gas and oil industries and corporations profiting off their slow-burning murder of this wonderful planet.

But hey, that’s what you expect from someone who’s a narcissist tied to the inner-city progressive leftwing woke ideology, apostles & critics are not to be treated with kindness and decorum in their world.

And if you want some more examples of how Jane views the so-called “climate deniers” as the ultimate evil sinners in her green-left church of “Climatology”, then look no further than this clip from the anti-IPA The Drum.

In that clip, Jane Caro condemns them “climate deniers” as folks who “sowed doubt” about climate change, and are henceforth to blame for the “cost blow-out” and she even went ahead as to tie in an analogy to it as well and here it as follows, “It’s a bit like saying ‘I’m terribly sorry, your child has terminal cancer and the drugs that are available to treat the terminal cancer are very expensive. Perhaps as a household, better just to let the kid die.”

Oh yes, apparently them sinful “climate deniers” who say that “it’s a bit expensive” to take climate action are like those who say “it’s a bit expensive” to use the available drugs to treat a kid’s terminal cancer so we might as well “just let the kid die”, to her it might make sense as she was saying that global warming isn’t about cost and of course it makes sense to her, she’s a well-pampered and well-privileged inner-city Greens voting progressive elite, someone who has made money off selling multiple books whilst (as she would always sternly remind you) also having her husband’s wine company and other avenues for which she’s been able to use to create profit, but to the rest of us normal folks, it is about cost and for a large majority of Australia, the issue of climate change comes down to the economics argument but for Jane Caro, it’s all about her green-left ideology and appeasing St. Greta Thunberg of the Church of Climateology no matter the cost (both economically and financially).

And as already mentioned, Caro says that she is “existentially terrified” of climate change, she’s so ideologically devoted to green-left environmentalism, that she ends up becoming a narcissistic opera singing and melodramatic doom-monger pushing the religion in a Greta Thunberg like manner that’s a common trait for individuals like her.

So she might be terrified about the issue of climate change, but while the planet is on fire, biodiversity is getting killed off, species going extinct & human lives are being put at risk thanks to increasing CO2 pollution and emissions being spewed into the atmosphere, Jane Caro is busily bush-bashing her gas guzzling landcruiser, or wine crawling at a Qantas lounge, or happily plane flying to various sojourns all the while she expertly plays the role of a fearless climate crusader at the ABC and on the Twittersphere.

Yet her climate activism doesn’t just stop there, Caro is actively at various climate protests and rallies demanding action on climate change (even dragging her poor elderly mother to them) however she wouldn’t take actions herself, she wouldn’t switch to an electric car or disconnect herself from the power grid or fulfil any other of the actions she demands Australia take to mitigate climate change.

….If only we could find a way to utilise her endless hypocrisy into a reliable form of renewable energy so we could finally put an end to her elitist aristocratic like climate activism, but we know we can’t and so for the rest of us ‘truculent turds’ (her way of calling conservative voters ‘deplorable’) would have to continue to observe the St. Greta Thunberg of the North Shore and her ideological climate virtue-signalling and obsession, such as her continuing to believe that the Commonwealth of Australia isn’t doing enough on this issue, even going as far as to go toe-to-toe with former Labor resource spokesperson, Joel Fitzgibbon on Twitter.


So while Fitzgibbon is rightly sensible on the issue of climate change, that meaningful action should be taken and that large emitting nations (like Australia) can’t transition without our mining resources, to the green-left ideologically driven Jane Caro, that isn’t good enough because it isn’t implementing the political and economic agenda of the Church of Climateology, that coal and fossil fuels must be gone for a “liveable future”, not caring for the many Aussie workers in our mining and resource industries at all, whilst simultaneously painting quite a bleak image that unless we take their (the green-left) demands, then it won’t be a liveable planet with no jobs, no rain and no agriculture. She also drops the “you might like to have grandchildren one day too” line as part of her arguments, insisting that Joel’s grandchildren will be brought into a burning planet unless he ditches his support for fossil fuels and coal, therefore showing us her manipulative side as well, attempting to guilt-trip Fitzgibbon into believing that green-left narrative.

But it’s easy for Jane Caro to say that, after all, she hobnobs with the right crowd, gets all of the plaudits, awards and applause from her very own progressive inner-city elite squad along with the approvals from the ABC, The Guardian and certainly from the Twittersphere, that and her narcissism blinds her to her hypocrisy (which is just a natural part of her entire virtue-signalling activism), she obviously knows what she’s doing and because it massages her narcissistic ego whilst she’s being lifted up by the modern left for pushing all of the right fashionable causes especially on the issue of climate change, she gets slots on various ABC shows, her climate tweets are popular on Australian Twitter and she also has countless opportunities for which to pen her writing for several papers as well, thus all of this is allowing her to have all of the attention, so why should she stop? No matter how inane, ridiculous and how royally hypocritical her climate activism is, as long as it gets het noticed, Caro will continue to indulge in this activity and after all, being a progressive means that Caro can go on about climate alarmism, demand society changes it’s current way of life & for our economy to be turned upside down to “save Gaia” but to not actually do anything about it herself, progressive climate activism makes her feel good on the inside without any of the hard-work being done necessary to fix the problem, it makes them feel like they’re doing something good to contribute to it’s “solution” and that my friends, is why Jane Caro does what she does.

Because of leftwing progressivism. And that’s Jane Caro through the hypocritical looking glass.

Marcus Foo is a young Australian Conservative from Perth, Western Australia. He offers his perspective on Twitter, Instagram, Parler and his personal blog where this article originally appeared.

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