The Real Australian Covid Roadmap


I believe we have just crossed into phase three of the covid event, or to put into a local context Australia’s real covid roadmap. There are six total phases that strongly align with the goals of the great reset.

Phase one involved mass scare propaganda (you know so that when the vaccine comes out people rush to get it) and it involved business bankruptcies and mass death from the covid OVERreaction. That crazy footage shared around social media of Wuhan people falling over on the streets was probably faked. Phase one ballooned the number of people on welfare, something the socialists absolutely want, but I’ll explain that later.

Phase two involved the rollout of the vaccine and more bankruptcies from lockdowns and restrictions like last time. This phase involves giving the jab to everyone who wants it. Now if everyone got it then possibly it could have been the last stage but many people are refusing it, so more phases are needed.

Phase three is where we are right now. It involves government pressure to get the jab. Before they simply offered the jab, now its like they are saying ‘you really should get the jab because blah blah blah’ and they do a salesman type pressure pitch. Thats what they are doing now. This will tip people who were sitting on the fence into getting the jab. The further lockdowns are making people more want the jab so that these lockdowns can be over. And the delta strain is scarring people more. This phase is increasing the vaccine rates but its still not enough as far too many people are aware of the vaccine’s side effects and are avoiding it. Whats coming next in this stage is a lockdown where the vaccinated can get a freedom pass and not lockdown. This is a clever move and will entice more people to get the jab. But it still wont get enough of us. So a stage four is needed.

Phase four will probably be mid next year. It involves the government no longer being mr nice guy. They will outright force people to get the jab with new laws. Maybe door knocks with high-pressure sales talk. To be employed by major corporations people will need the jab. They need higher pressure for the more rebellious type persons. The government will really make life hard for people without the jab. There will be restrictions and laws that will make us want to get it the vaccine because our lives will be able to go back to normal. Basically it will kinda be illegal to live without the vaccine. This will bankrupt more businesses even though there might not be lockdowns. They will say that we’ve had too many lockdowns and its caused too many problems and thats why we must require by law for people to be vaccinated. At this stage many people will be go on welfare to avoid the jab. A cash ban might occur at this stage because it spreads covid of course. This stage really is more extreme than others. No physical cash will make it harder for businesses that want to operate without following the vaccines laws.

Phase five will involve an economy crash of sorts which will balloon the number of people on welfare and debt in general. The bankers will pull the pin on propping up the economy which they have been doing throughout all of this event so far. The government will save the day by offering loans and by giving out welfare as usual. This stage will force people to get on welfare, in fact all of these stages have been forcing people onto welfare. It will force businesses into debt. And here comes the final stage, the big one.

Phase six which i think is significant as they like the number six. To get welfare you need to get the jab and you need to follow all these rules. To qualify for the business loans you will need to follow the laws. This will be the ‘you are not allowed to own anything’ phase and its the last stage of covid. The communist takeover will be complete. Everyone’s vaccinated and needs to be so to remain employed or to remain on welfare, or for their business to survive. Theres no cash and so small business needs to follow all the government rules and can’t be anonymous. Many rebels will go to live in hippy type societies out of the cities. The vaccination rate will probably be at 90%. And then the event will be over. Except with permanent new laws and a changed society. The new normal.

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