Covid Is The Best Experiment


A banner plane flies a sign urging Miami Beach, Fla., Mayor Dan Gelber to open the beaches, which have been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Sunday, April 19, 2020, in Miami Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

The propaganda in the school system is getting to such an extreme point that it’s just funny. An actual essay question is ‘should we lock up right-wingers who post misinformation on the internet?’ The students who are switched on write an essay saying yes just so that they can get a better grade. Because if you say no the leftist teacher won’t give you a good grade. They don’t believe in saying ‘yes. That’s how ridiculous it is getting.

It’s funny how the left movement has ramped up their actions in recent years to insane levels and it’s just exposing them as being crazy morons. They really should have continued with subtle propaganda stretched out over time like what school was like when I was there. That technique works excellent I think.

I believe this covid event, its really backfired on them. They are pulling big stunts and it’s guaranteeing their failure. America’s execution of the covid event is utterly terrible. Many states have been barely locked down and the airports are booming. Now that Americans can see crazy socialist police state places like Australia they will work like mad to prevent their nation from following us. It’s scared them and it’s great. People are fighting now to stop the world socialist government from taking over their nation and locking them down.

Australia has saved America. And Americas saved our us because we can point to this place and say ‘they didn’t do all these lockdowns, where all the corpses on the street?’ And then the Australian government is pressured to not go so extreme with the lockdowns. We’ve teamed up and destroyed the covid program. Great job everyone. Even the leftists have helped because they’ve turned radical as I was saying and it’s totally dirtying the left movement. It’s just a win-win all around for everyone. Honestly overall in the long term covid is good.

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