When Prime Minister Scott Morrison attended the NRL battle between his beloved Cronulla Sharks and the Penrith Panthers and sat in the stands with a glass of beer whilst also waiving his sharks scarf along with the rest of the crowd, it managed to send the “Twitter blowhards” into a hysterical fit of confected outrage.

Despite taking some downtime after having worked an exhausting 100 hours weeks the past month managing one of the worst pandemic crisis in modern times whilst ensuing that Australia’s economy doesn’t completely collapse as it comes out of the lockdown, the Prime Minister was faced a tsunami (on Twitter-naturally) of deranged madness as his hysterical and unhinged leftwing haters refuse to give him a break whatsoever.

From being wrongly blamed for causing the Victorian second-wave of Coronavirus outbreaks and cases, the Scott Morrison Derangement Syndrome sufferers tried to scapegoat the Prime Minister for what is primarily the fault of the utterly incompetent Daniel Andrews, his irresponsible Ministers and state health bureaucrats who oversaw fatal errors after fatal errors that eventually snowballed into another disastrous lockdown for metropolitan Melbourne.

As I’ve discussed in one of my most recent articles titled, “The Tragedy of Sicktoria, The Sick Man of Australia“, from failing to take control of the Cedar Meats outbreaks to the bungled hotel quarantine system and illegally greenlighting a COVID-19 law breaking Black Lives Matter protests, infections escaped the hotels (& the Cedar Meats abattoirs) & made their ways into the wider community and multiple places which eventually caused Victoria’s second-wave of coronavirus cases.

To frame Morrison for being responsible for what Victoria is going through is blatant nonsensical, but according to the unhinged and hysterical blowhards on Twitter, it doesn’t matter as they’re the same fools who don’t like anyone who tweets of just how enormously incompetent and grossly negligent Daniel Andrews has been in his disastrously inept handling of the COVID-19 crisis in Victoria.

Also, the Prime Minister was slammed for not standing in solidarity with the Melburnians who are trapped in a second lockdown (thanks to their Premier) yet he hails from NSW who doesn’t have the same punitive lockdown that Victoria has and where attending the footy is perfectly fine (once again, something Victorian’s aren’t allowed to do so due to their circumstances).

So to attack Morrison for attending the footy in his home state as Victorian’s suffer is ridiculous, because (like I’ve mentioned), the anger should be directed towards the Victorian Premier and his Government who have managed to successfully botch the pandemic with one negligence after another.

Another reason why the deranged broken’s on Twitter are feigning extraordinary outrage against the Prime Minister of Australia is (according to them), that he promised to spend some downtime with his two young daughters and yet he’s at the footy.

Well, don’t these ignorant nincompoops understand that there’s other way to spend your free time? Attending the footy & having a glass of beer is one of them, but given how the left have railed against the “blokey” Aussie culture of sports and beers, it’s no wonder why they detest the calm, reassured & relaxed down-to-earth image that Morrison projected when he attended the aforementioned NRL game.

After all, it was great to see the PM project that kind of image and not engage in unnecessary coronavirus alarmism which so often permeates from the mainstream media & opportunistic politicians without concern for the mental health and wellbeing of those who tune to listen to it.

And if you don’t believe me of the ridiculous outrage that unfolded on Twitter then I have some examples:

I am dumbfounded and disappointed that the PM has taken a week off. I have hesitated criticising all the leaders there is no road map for what we are living though. This is is so tone deaf. It’s Hawaii 2.0 Essential workers are not having a holiday. People lost their jobs.— David Campbell OAM (@DavidCampbell73) July 11, 2020

What’s really sad is that the far-left and opportunistic Labor politicians just couldn’t help themselves and instead of leaving a hardworking Prime Minister alone to enjoy his footy and a glass of beer, they decide to reveal their true colours and their nasty selves when given the opportunity and it’s an ugly sight.

To the ordinary and reasonably sane voter, they wouldn’t mind the PM attending the footy and enjoying his beer especially given every state (apart from Victoria-you’ll get yours soon) have allowed fans to return to the footy with their mates & their family, it shows a PM who is genuine and down-to-earth and enjoying the return of something that’s part of the Aussie culture & the Aussie way of life along with everyone else in the country.

Watching the left act like a mad hatter on Twitter over the PM attending the footy and enjoying a glass of beer was both sad and funny to watch as on one hand, it must be absolutely terrible to live such a miserable life where you drum up (or join a) faux and confected outrage whilst on the other hand, it’s also hilarious to just how quickly it took for them to lose their sanity and their minds over something like the leader of a nation dong what normal Australians do whenever the NRL/AFL season rolls on every year.

Oh and many like David Campbell also attempted to draw a comparison with regards to the PM taking a working holiday with his family with his “controversial” Hawaii holiday he took in the early days of the last Black Summer bushfires which engulfed parts of NSW and Gippsland in Victoria.

However what it really boils down to was that the PM attended a two hour game of footy and is still working albeit standing aside so to try and draw a Hawaii comparison is not only rich and pathetic but also a long bow as well.

So the bottomline to all of the Scott Morrison Derangement Syndrome sufferers, is to let the bloke enjoy his downtime, his footy and his beer before he returns to work in the nation’s toughest job and at the most difficult time as well with the enormous task of rebuilding our economy as it comes out of the pandemic induced lockdown.

Because no politician (major, minor and independents) should ever be treated in this manner for spending some down time and certainly not the PM.

Marcus Foo is a young Australian Conservative from Perth, Western Australia. He offers his perspective on Twitter and his personal blog where this article originally appeared.

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