Sports with a Smack of Social Justice Part 3: Undisputed Endorses Murdering Suspected Racist


Authors preface

I must preface this report with this profound collection of words:

This article neither endorses nor opposes racism of any kind, however,  a man’s inclination to exhibit repulsion or disdain toward another because of his complexion, is an American right. Judging one’s innocuous thoughts is above any Earthly beings paygrade and evenly-measured adults cannot be injured by another man’s opinions. #defundthoughtpolice

Undisputed on MMA Fighter Mike Perry

Skip Bayless (or Ball-less as I call him) has demanded the “firing” of those who don’t share his submissive posture regarding black and thug-culture, publically and on numerous occasions.

During one of the most recent episodes of their Fox Sports USA program Undisputed, Skip and his black side-kick Shannon Sharpe were casually suggesting that Mike Perry meet a  permanent and painful conclusion for uttering the racially charged slur “nigger”.

The video in question begins with a semi-attractive bimbo reporting that an MMA fighter, Mike Perry, leaked the “N-word” during a confrontation at a restaurant in which Perry levelled at an old man.

There is no question that Mike Perry is a toilet-clogging brick-a-shit and pretends to be an ignorant thug, however, doesn’t he too have free speech? This video begins with the token female  asking, “So, Shannon, how should he be punished?”

She’s working off the premise that every white man they deem to be a racist should be punished, as Sharpe babbles on and enthusiastically validates.

At 5 minutes into the video, Ball-less refers to an incident that unfolded several years back regarding Riley Cooper(then a Philadelphia Eagles wide-out), Cooper, who was slightly inebriated, blasted out the “N-word” while attending a Country & Western show.

Ball-less then reports that Riley should have been banished from the NFL and immediately follows up with a rant about the “n-word”.  Skip makes it pathetically clear that only blacks are authorized to reference this almighty word, inferring that anyone else is not permitted, and doing so will sanction you for cancellation.

At 7 minutes in, Bayless insists that non-black or mildly-black persons using the “N-word” need to be punished, concluding that blacks are infallible due to the unjustified suffering in that they endure.

At 8:13, in the video, Sharpe describes one of the numerous violent black toilet bowls in urban America  “I could take him to the “unintelligible”, I can take him there and let him say that word and see how he come out,”

Sharpe describes another dangerous place, where I’m sure black on black murder is rampant and suggests that the wanna-be-black  MMA fighter would get his check cashed there as well.

Ball-less nods his head like a disabled parrot and quips, “I hope that there are more places like that” virtually endorsing the brutal demise of a fellow American who doesn’t subscribe to the Skip Ball-less rules & regulation handbook for pussy’s.

Sharpe ends his bigoted commentary by arguing, “He gonna catch the right person on the wrong day and it gonna be a sad day”

These conversations by social justice sports broadcasters and others are merely the pretext to normalizing the execution of whites who will not, for one reason or another, comply with the rules that radical left commies forcefully demand we obey.

It’s natural to dismiss this as fear-mongering or even hyperbole, however, the Overton Window is real and it’s happening, who’d have thought only 20 years ago that today, our children would be subjected to he/she’s and sex perverts in a fucking public school!?

At the end of the video, both Skip and Shannon cooly remain unruffled, knowing that there are murderous enclaves in America, where you can be mortally canceled for voicing your opinions. Skip literally mutters that he wishes there were more!

When it’s convenient, SJWs like Skip & Shannon are devoid of objectivity and because they share a common end with the radical left, they’ll remain intentionally oblivious to the insidious means it’s taking to get there. As long as their objective is met, Undisputed hosts will continue to dismiss the corrupt and under-handed tactics employed by the left.

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, a news website dedicated to preserving European heritage. He is also a massive sports fan as demonstrated by this third expose on US sports social justice coverage.

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