There was a significant victory for common-sense and protection of vulnerable children this Easter Sunday. It was revealed in The Daily Telegraph yesterday that the Safe Schools program would be axed in New South Wales when federal funding runs out in the middle of 2017. It will be replaced with a general anti-bullying program which will be formulated over the coming months to be implemented later in the school year.

The program was a destructive force in our schools as it aimed to indoctrinate young children into the LGBT agenda, encouraging them to be gay or trans and sexually experiment. It was created by the self-proclaimed Marxist Roz Ward and its sinister aims were unknown to most Australians until conservative journalists and concerned citizens exposed what it was really about.

Accompanying the Telegraph article was a piece by Miranda Devine who has been a key voice in exposing the degenerate material in the program. She provided hard evidence from parents whose children, under the influence of Safe Schools became gender confused and wanted to transition genders, though once back in the safety of their families soon moved on from this desire.

It is a brave decision by the New South Wales Coalition government especially with the current Premier Gladys Berejiklian hailing from the left of party and also given the fact that the New South Wales Liberal Party apparatus had been captured by a significant gay faction that controls senior positions in the party as well as preselections. Despite her background, it is relieving to see that the Premier will follow common sense over a factional agenda.

This decision will cause a significant media backlash with nearly all the mainstream media and the powerful LGBT lobby being supportive of Safe Schools and saying if you oppose it you support punching alleged queer students in the face. Contrary to the hysterical ravings of the left you can be against all forms of bullying without supporting a radical sexual and gender social reengineering program and encouraging young people to explore alternate sexual lifestyles.

However, while this is good news there is still some cause for concern. In the same Telegraph article, it quotes a government source talking of the new anti-bullying program, “It could be bullying ­because someone is overweight, or wears glasses, or is transitioning sex, but the overwhelming message is that it is not OK’’. This reveals that we could be being played for fools, as it would appear that the government is only removing the Safe Schools branding while simply shifting its content into this new program that will still expose our children to the same LGBT propaganda.

But also spare a thought for parents and children in states run by Labor governments who have committed to implementing the uncensored Safe Schools program to as many schools as possible. In Victoria it is worse with another program called Respectful Relationships being rolled out in schools which aims to destroy the concept of gender and demonizes heterosexuality. Conservatives still have a huge battle ahead to get rid of all LGBT propaganda in our education system and stop the left getting their hands on our children to indoctrinate them into deviant and promiscuous ways.

Our schools would actually be safe to use the term if our state governments were brave enough to implement a law similar to what the UK had between 1988 and 2003 in Section 28 of the Local Government Act. This had the effect of outlawing in local schools any material that would “intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality”. No doubt the passing of such a law would provoke a media firestorm but the overwhelming support from parents who would be rest assured their children are now protected at school would see it have electoral appeal.

But it is not just at school where children are exposed to LGBT propaganda, governments actively fund various LGBT youth groups which basically recruit young people into the LGBT lifestyle, if the NSW government was serious about their commitment to protecting children from ideology contained in Safe Schools they would defund these organisations immediately. It should also ban the perverted Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras from the public streets.

But overall the announcement of the end of Safe Schools in New South Wales is a huge victory. It shows that pushback against the power LGBT lobby is possible and that if enough of us make our voices heard our governments will listen. But we need to keep up the pressure and continue to take a stand against the constant promotion of the LGBT lifestyle in our society and the corruption it aims to have on our youth. We can win back our culture and return our society to a sense of normality and, most importantly, protect our children.



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