Once again, the left has shown its true colours. This apparently peaceful and compassionate side of the political spectrum gave us a spectacular demonstration of who they really are during the Berkeley protests this week. If there’s one event to encourage all those humans equipped with a brain to leave the left, it is this. From the use of fireworks to almost torturing Trump supporters, it revealed to the world not only the violence inherent in this movement, but the hypocrisy and irony inherent within this part of the political spectrum.

The clash began after Trump supporters and their right-wing brethren gathered at Berkeley for a peaceful ‘Patriots Day’ rally. Groups such as ‘Oath Keepers’ and bikers from across the country were present at the rally to protect Trump supporters from ironically called anti-Fascist predators should they break down police barricades and start wreaking havoc in their usual fashion. Of course, their presence was life-saving, as this is exactly what happened once Antifa decided to violate their opponents’ right to free speech.

Disagreeing and criticising other people’s words or ideas is not a violation of free speech. But this is not the path taken by these anti-Fascist hypocrites, who once again chose violence over peaceful constructive debate. The left has constantly blasted the right with accusations of being violent and oppressive simply for telling the truth, laying down facts, or just being plain triggering. But when the left decides to use gas bombs and smash the skulls of their opponents, they glorify them as freedom fighters.

It was the left that accused Trump of being Machiavellian, of apparently wanting to use any means possible to achieve his goals. Yet the left has now become the definition of Machiavellian, much to the embarrassment of the Italian philosopher from whose name the word derives. During the election, Trump was labelled Machiavellian for advocating for a Muslim ban and a border wall to protect his country from terrorists and rapists, after the election the tables have turned, with the left promoting any means necessary to remove so called Fascists.

The climactic point of the Berkeley protests was the riots that followed Antifa’s decision to resort to violence. Fireworks and gas bombs were hurled at Trump supporters simply for gathering peacefully to celebrate their values and ideas. Imagine right-wing groups using such violent tactics enmasse as a response to left-wing shenanigans. But the right does not use such methods to promote their ideas or garner support for their political figures.

Why didn’t we witness Trump supporters disrupting the anti-Trump women’s marches through the use of violence on such massive scales? Why didn’t we witness the right-wing physically assaulting leftists for burning effigies of Donald Trump and desecrating the American flag? Because the right does not sink so low. Unlike the left, we do not become insecure so as to harm innocent people simply for disagreeing with us, and instead use our minds to distinguish between right and wrong. As implied by our name, we are righteous people who stay loyal to a sense of morality, unlike our opponents who preach about love and tolerance on one occasion, and then drastically remove the disguise to reveal the evil identity hidden within. And thus the leftist hypocrisy is revealed for all to see.

Of course, the aftermath was equally effective in revealing the left’s hypocrisy just as much as the actual event. The video of Nathan Damigo of Identity Europa punching a young woman has sparked outrage from the leftists and the mainstream media. This “white supremacist”, as our beloved mainstream media puts it (wander how they would describe the Latinos for Trump present in the protest), obviously committed violence against women in a grotesque and misogynistic manner. But digging deeper through the superficialities reveals why this young woman deserved it.

Firstly, taking part in a violent demonstration means it is your responsibility to expect violence. You do not enter a battle without expecting to get physically confronted, especially if the battle was sparked by your own side which obviously means your opponent will defend itself. Second, this young female victim was actually flaunting being “determined to bring back 100 Nazi scalps”, which apparently didn’t make the mainstream media’s attention. Here we have a woman choosing to enter a riot started by her own side and getting taught a lesson by an alt-righter simply defending himself and his brethren. But the left does what it does best and puts on the hypocrisy hat by being “outraged” by him.

It is clear the left can dish it out but cower in a corner when people decide to fight back. They cheered on the unprovoked punching of alt-right leader Richard Spencer when giving a TV interview on Inauguration Day releasing articles and videos claiming it was your duty to punch anyone you believed to be a “Nazi” in the face. But now that finally a group of people have stood up to their violent ways they play the victim and forget to check their hypocrisy and realise how far deep they have sunk.

The most fascinating part of this episode is the feminist reaction. The most vocal group in our society when it comes to gender equality, this oppressed and marginalised demographic of the Western world chose to forget about their own beliefs regarding gender in order to unjustly criticise a man for using self-defence. Apparently there are no gender differences, and apparently women are as strong as men, yet a man still can’t punch a woman because it’s sexist? Are they just hypocrites or do they know deep down that biological gender differences are real? Also we are always told never to assume someone’s gender yet the left were the first to point out this person was a girl.

Berkeley’s events were astounding and eye-opening, almost enlightening in a sense. Once again the left has made clear what its intentions are. Free speech is only allowed if it suits them, they detest stereotypes but label all Trump supporters as “Fascist”, use violence after a few hearty minutes of preaching about peace, and of course only use feminism in a superficial manner. These hateful hypocrites are giving the world more and more reasons as to why right-wing ideologies are the only ones equipped with an ability to handle the world. By all means, the left can continue its anti-Fascist performances because it simply means our side of the spectrum will garner more support, while our opponents will be pushed back down the gutter whence it came.


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