“Reparations Happy Hour” Where White People Pay


The New York Times has released a glowing piece about a Portland, Oregon event named “Reparations happy hour” where people would walk into a bar and receive ten dollars provided by white people who were asked not to attend. The New York Times calls this “a small but symbolic gift.”

The 27-year-old who organized the event, Cameron Whitten, says he did this to allow the minority communities that attended to feel like their pane was being valued and understood, and that despite only giving each attendee $10 US Dollars, you could see their eyes light up.

This is to say that the New York Times, as well as Cameron Whitten, believe that white people who have most likely never done anything to worsen the lives of black or brown people should be on the hook for the immoral actions of their distant relatives. The event should not be covered glowingly despite any thoughts you may have to support the payment of reparations to people adversely affected by the actions of certain people in the past. This was a racist and misguided attempt at empowerment and should be reported as such.

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