A viral video has captured the attention of many as a pro-abortion man round-kicked a woman for speaking on her pro-life views. The man claimed he was trying to kick the phone out of her hand, but this is debatable both in intention not to mention underlying morality and legality.

The woman in this video approaches a group of pro-abortion protesters to attempt to have a conversation with them. The man with the flower in his ear-hole asks her if she believes abortion is justified in the case of rape. She begins to elaborate on her opinion, but the man had clearly heard enough and assaulted the woman.

This begs the question, even if he had intended to only kick the phone out of her hand, is that any less morally reprehensible? If an intended mild form of violence results in a direct physical hit, the logic is that it is legally and morally as condemnable as a direct intentional act of violence.

Watch the video below: