Never, ever, ever again.

Does the Australian Far Left deserve free speech?

To answer that question we first have to define what the “Far Left” is. And if we define it as Marxists and their semi-retarded black clad cousins the Anarchists then the answer is a definitive and unreserved “no”.

Communist officer spreading equality.

As time progresses it becomes more and more obvious that the West never won the Cold War. The Soviets may have collapsed under the weight of their own absurdity and the Chinese may have voluntarily reformed to avoid the same fate but in the citadels of stupid that make up the campuses of Western universities the ideas of Marxism barely even bothered to go underground.

Killing fields in Cambodia. This is where Marxism ends.

Inside these taxpayer funded cesspits the disease lay dormant. Biding its time and growing in strength year by year.

When the history of the Far-Left revival is written, the judgment cast on the Australian media will be deservedly brutal. Over and over they have ignored the fact that the radicals attacking the meetings, speeches and demonstrations of anyone with whom they disagree are Marxists and Anarchists. Over and over again they have described them in flattering terms as “anti racists”, “anti fascists” or even simply as “protesters”.

The Australian fourth estate has acting almost as a recruiting agent for groups professing the ideology that murdered 100 million people in the 20th century, held a quarter of the world’s population in totalitarian slavery and for decades threatened humanity with the spectre of nuclear annihilation.

Socialist Alternative on the march

To call this negligence is to massively understate the level of complicity involved.

The entire purpose of these groups is to divide society into opposing camps and to then agitate those camps to the point of civil war and revolution.

Thanks to Communism, all these Cambodians are now equal.

What sane society would tolerate such people?

“But all ideas must be freely debated!” goes the centre right response. So let this be put bluntly. The extreme Left is not a legitimate political perspective. Marxism is not a legitimate political perspective in the 21st century. These groups have had ample oportunity to test their theories in multiple places and at multiple times across the course of the last hundred years. No matter how many times they tweaked the formula or tinkered with the details the results were always the same. A gigantic pile of corpses, most usually starved to death, the lucky ones shot.

Katyn forest massacre. Some more beneficiaries of Marxist “equality”.

No. They do not get to keep trying until they discover “real socialism”. It ends now.

When the Far Left is provided with a platform they are also provided with legitimacy and respectability. Their divisive hatred simply becomes just another political belief, like whether we should increase welfare or decrease immigration. They become normal, the stench of their evil is washed away.


We already debate more than enough absurd ideas in this country. At least when the Greens or the ALP left call for open borders or 100% renewable energy by next week they aren’t advocating for the violent overthrow of the government and the implementation of of a totalitarian state.

These people were so tired from all the equality they had to lie down… or something

There has to be a line somewhere. When the political debate goes from deciding who should do the most rowing to drilling holes in the bottom of the boat that line is crossed. When you advocate for violent revolution over peaceful political change that line is crossed. When you openly preach for the murderous ideology that has ended more human lives than any other in history that line is crossed.

Guardian Australia opinion columnist Jeff Sparrow speaking at a Socialist Alternative conference.

The Australian media are not going to defeat the far left. Some writers for supposedly mainstream publications come from a Marxist background themselves, while others spent time at university amongst Marxists and so consider them a legitimate part of the landscape. As has been pointed out here at The Unshackled and elsewhere most journalists wont even name the Marxist groups organising violent attacks on the Right even while quoting their spokespeople.

Tom Ballard, formerly of the totally not biased #theirABC

They will continue to give a platform to them and legitimise their leading figures. Ian Rintoul, one of the longest serving violent Marxist activists in Australia who first began his sordid career in the 1970s in Ipswich has been quoted hundreds of times on the ABC website relating to refugee protests without once mentioning his decades long career as a violent Far Left extremist organiser.

Marxism. Never again.

The Australian mainstream press will keep feeding them by portraying them as noble (if perhaps misguided) heroes. The truth is having been educated by the same lecturers the average journalist sympathises somewhat with The extremists, if not with their ultimate goal.

Socialist Alternative activists attack supporters of Senator Cory Bernardi in Melbourne.

The far left will not be debated out of existence because the mainstream media will never voluntarily present a fair debate. It will be defeated, not by whinging and whining but by organisation amongst those on the right who are so often the victims of far left violence and thuggery.

I’m sure they’re just resting from all that exhausting equality.

Marxists need to lose their jobs and face expulsion from polite society until they publicly disavow and recant their odious views. They need to be exposed for what they are, openly and repeatedly. The mainstream media needs to be embarrassed into naming these extremists and shamed out of covering up for them.

There is no place in 21st century Australia for the vile and murderous ideologies of Anarchism and Marxism. Just as we would not tolerate pedophiles promoting sex with children we should equally not tolerate the advocates of the most deadly creed to have ever existed.

Marxism. Don’t worry, they swear they’ll get it right this time.

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