Channel 4 Show Promotes Gender Discrimination Towards Men


A new promo video is making the rounds on social media where two women are out on the street selling coffee. There is one catch though, men have to pay 18% more to make up for the gender pay gap. This video of adorable gender discrimination towards men has been viewed almost 100,000 times, and can be seen below:

Of course, the women are being portrayed as making something of an important point by displaying what they believe to be an active and advanced perception of reality, also known as being “woke.” Essentially, ignoring the multi-varied analysis of payment is required to feel good about one’s self for openly discriminating against 50% of the population, not to mention embracing a complete reversal on the established norms of decency in society regarding the broad categorization of people.

This advertisement is inappropriate, sexist, and uninformed, not to mention the fact that it makes a point made in the exact same format dozens of times before. Channel 4 and organization like it continue to look for lower ground into which to sink to new lows.

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