The True Blue Crew Aussie Pride Flag March 2018


The True Blue Crew held their annual Aussie Pride Flag March in Melbourne’s CBD today. It has been taking place since 2016. It is considered the biggest nationalist/patriot event on the Australian calendar, almost bigger than Australia Day and attracts patriot activists and organisations not just from around the state but around the nation.

The True Blue Crew was founded in the western suburb of Melton in Melbourne’s west to oppose the Islamisation of the suburb, including plans for a mosque and Islamic housing estate. They have since risen to become Melbourne’s most prominent patriot group, this was in part due to the fact the United Patriots Front’s Facebook page was deleted and its leadership as a result decided to focus on creating the Lads Society. The True Blue Crew took a leading role in drawing attention to Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave which began in the summer of 2017-18, included holding a series of community crime crisis meetings. During this period it experienced a surge in popularity and rolled out branches in other states.

The other factor in this march was Melbourne’s infamous socialist left street movement led by the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF) who had been planning a counter-protest for months with regular planning meetings and banner design sessions. They were assisted by the newly relaunched Melbourne Antifascist Info commonly just reffered to as Antifa who provided advice for any activists wanting to attend, including refusing to talk to the media, be filmed or avoid cooperating with the police. Their newly created WordPress website attempted to intimidate us and other alt-media personalities by doxxing all of us as racist and fascist sympathizers.

Utilizing the True Blue Crew’s new national presence simultanious Aussie Pride Flag Marches took place in Sydney and Perth. But the Unshackled Team focused on the main one in Melbourne. We covered the 2017 rally which was one of our first field reports. The Patriots were to meet out the front of the Royal Exhibition Building near Melbourne’s Museum. When we arrived at approximately 10.30am Victoria Police including its public order response team was swarming the area. CARF was meeting at the




The march then proceded down Exhbition Street with police successfully keeping both the patriot and Antifa side wide apart.  Chants from the marchers included ‘Aussie Pride nationwide’ ‘rise without fear’ ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi’ and when a rogue Antifa supporter heckled the group they responded with ‘Fuck off Antifa’.

The two groups came to meet between Bourke Street and Spring Street across from Victoria’s Parliament House. Separated by police and barriers, insults were traded for about five minutes. There was one major altercation where a patriot known as Bluebeard confronted a female heckler with dyed red hair who pushed his face but he was restained by police before he had a chance to retaliate.

There were speeches at the tram stop next to Parliament when Tom Sewell co-founder of the Lads Society who spoke about why Australians have a history they can be proud 0f and how it is under threat from regressives and the current lax immigration program. Blair Cottrell then spoke about the progress of his court case for offending Muslims, the fact he is now subjected to another 30-day Facebook ban and went on to speak about why national pride should not be seen as dirty and there is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of your own people.

The march then concluded by going back to the Exhibition Building Gardens. When the crowd dispersed they left under police escort in case they were being followed by remnants of the Antifa crowd, who gathered at the State Library for some more chanting.

A post-march celebration at Federation Square was cut short after Blair Cottrell confronted a street performer who was wearing a revealing pink jumpsuit with Blair questioning the appropriateness of his attire in front of children. Under instruction from the owner of the bar where patriots had gathered, police made them vacate the area. Police officers proceeded to guard the entrances of bars in the area so no patriots could enter. This could possibly be due to Antifa’s encouragement to its members to spam the bars with bad reviews if they were caught housing members of the opposing side.

The turnout on the patriot side was low, a fact eagerly picked up by the mainstream media present. The fact that confrontations between both sides are heated and aggressive can deter many people who consider themselves proud Australians from attending. A person needs a retake Australia mindest to attend and deal with the open hostility received from all other parties present. There is slowly more of that type of personality emerging in the nation as the left’s control of our institutions increases.

The Unshackled was pleased to be able to offer live coverage of the march which can be viewed here.

We will be releasing highlights and interviews in the coming days. We will be on the ground reporting on future rallies and events in Melbourne.

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