One of the main objections the LGBT lobby had to a plebiscite on same sex marriage was the debate would be too harmful to LGBT Australians. Well they were not wrong that people would be hurt by the debate, if you have a thin skin and can’t handle your viewpoints being challenged.

The number of leftists and LGBT representatives being triggered and offended by opposing arguments is truly breathtaking. Rather than rebut the arguments of their opponents with facts or reason, advocates of same sex marriage resort to cries of hate speech and bigotry.

Malcolm Turnbull is a daily target of these advocates criticism because of his opinion that Australians would have a respectful debate about the issue. Leftist have been using ironically the twitter hashtag #respectfuldebate to highlight traditional marriage material they are triggered by. These leftists are still yet to define what a respectful debate is their view, it appears they will accept nothing less than everyone submitting to totally supporting same sex marriage.

The Unshackled reported earlier this week on the traditional marriage posters the Australian Traditional Nationalist Group put up around Brisbane. These were soon spotted by leftist snowflakes and media and presented as a sign the debate had taken an ugly turn. The Australian Traditional Nationalist Group have told us they have already received death threats for putting up these posters.

However, it was the posters in Melbourne with the slogan ‘Stop the Fags’ that gained the most attention. These posters also listed the abuse statistics of children raised in same sex households which were referenced from a US study by Dr. Paul Sullins which despite attempts by the mainstream media to discredit it the study was peer reviewed.

The Unshackled cannot determine who is behind these posters though have been told by members of the broader Australian nationalist movement that the allusive Antipodean Resistance are responsible for them. Not a false flag as Christian Lobby Director Lyle Shelton suggested on The Project. The posters also had the approval of United Patriots Front leader Blair Cottrell on Instagram.

Both sets of posters made international news about how apparently backwards Australia was on the issue of same sex marriage. Magda Szubanski also literally cried about traditional marriage materials on the Today Show yesterday stating “The misinformation is a large part of the problem and it’s verging on defamation”. She had to be consoled by host Karl Stefanovic.

Bill Shorten used the emergence of these posters to grandstand on the leftie love in that is Qanda in response to a question from a gay man who has allegedly been verbally abused. Shorten stated “We didn’t need to have this debate. And everything we’ve said could happen is beginning to happen. I saw those ridiculous posters in Melbourne. I’ve seen copies of leaflets… And I just ask everyone, just look after each other in this”.

Malcolm Turnbull for some strange reason went on alleged comedian and mummy blogger Em Rusciano’s FM Breakfast show to cop some abuse on the plebiscite from her. She ranted at him “What about the mental health of the LGBTQI youth in this country prime minister? Are you concerned about that?” Turnbull though correctly highlighted “We’re in a democracy, right, and people will often say things that are hurtful and unfair and sometimes cruel, but that is part of a debate”. Sounds like Rusciano wasn’t being very respectful herself.

The plebiscite forms haven’t even been mailed out yet and they already cannot handle the debate. Which is why a number of government and non-government bodies have offered free counselling services to their LGBT employees.

Amongst them are the ABC which has set up a hotline, trauma toolkit and specialist counsellors. Local councils in Victoria when they are not busy abolishing Australia Day are providing resources from a number of LGBT lobby groups to assist staff and the community in the lead up to the plebiscite. Of course Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has offered the most extravagant resource package to assist LGBT Victorians during the plebiscite announcing $500,000 for LGBT counselling and support services.

Australia Post has also announced that its employees have the right to refuse to deliver ‘offensive’ or ‘defamatory’ material related to the plebiscite succumbing to pressure from the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union. While Christians will likely be forced to bake the cake under proposed same sex marriage laws it seems that posties can refuse to deliver the mail if it violates their conscience. This appears to be another double standard when it comes to freedom of conscience.

With all these accusations of hateful language coming from traditional marriage advocates it is on the same sex marriage side of the debate where actual violence (words are not violence) has occurred. Despite an outrageous cover up it has been revealed that the car bomb attack on the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters last December was motivated by the driver’s hostility towards the ACL’s advocacy of traditional marriage. Let us remember that the ACL also has to keep the names of their directors’ secret for fear of harassment and has had their events cancelled in the past.

As the same sex marriage debate continues for the duration of the plebiscite we are likely to see advocates take offence at more traditional marriage material, no matter how tame a manner it is presented. Let’s not forget that advocates are still challenging the plebiscite in the High Court in their effort to fight democracy every step of the way. The behaviour of these advocates so far is another sign that the left cannot handle political debate period or opposition to their views in a mature manner.

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