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On the last day of Parliament, about 50 protesters attempted to block the three streets exiting Parliament House in Canberra, in order to stop the “climate criminal” politicians from leaving for the airport. They failed (of course) and only managed to annoy a few people for about an hour.

According to the press release they put out and the letter they sent to all MPs demanding that parliament “legislate towards meeting net zero emissions” by 2025 (ha ha!), the group organising this “blockade” was “Extinction Rebellion Youth and Students ACT division”.

Parliament protest
Probably fair to say it wasn’t the biggest protest ever.

Do you want to guess who really organised it? C’mon, guess. That’s right, it was Socialist Alternative again.

I can feel your shock through the computer screen. Yes.
Socialist Alternative. Again.

Just like it was for the “Global Day for Climate Justice” rallies the other week. And for the attempted blockade of a mining conference in Perth before that. And for the IMARC riots that turned part of the Melbourne CBD into a warzone in late October. And at the Extinction rebellion “Die In” in Canberra in mid-October. And at the counter-protest against the March for the Babies in Melbourne just before that. And at the “Extinction Rebellion” blockade of central Sydney in early October. And in early September, when “Extinction Rebellion” attempted to disrupt central Melbourne during the AFL qualifying final. And in August, when they protested outside CPAC in Sydney. And of course, on “Rebellion Day”, when they blocked roads all over Australia.

Or dozens of other times this year, going back to the first “Uni Students for Climate Justice” events in Brisbane and the anti-Jordan Peterson events in February.

Always the same people. Always from the same group.

For their little “blockade” of Parliament House, they decided to get a little bit cute. The organisers didn’t actually put a spokesperson’s name on their letters to MPs. This amusingly prompted LNP MP Keith Pitt to declare that he wouldn’t be “threatened by an email from an anonymous ­numpty”.

wren somerville
Wren Somerville of Socialist Alternative at a previous protest against Malcolm Turnbull. Surrounded by red flags.

But they did put a press release with a media contact on the “Extinction Rebellion Youth and Students ACT” Facebook page: Wren Somerville of Socialist Alternative. Wren didn’t say “he” was from Socialist Alternative, of course, that would be a little too honest. Wren has, however, stood for student elections under the Socialist Alternative ticket, “manned” their paper stalls trying to bring in new recruits and, at the “blockade”, was yelling into a megaphone with a sticker on the side advertising the Socialist Alternative newspaper Red Flag. “He” is a common sight at protests and is a part of the ANU Socialist Alternative clique that includes Nicholas Carlton, Grace Hill and Kim Stern.

Parliament protest organisers Socialist Alternative
Nick Carlton, Grace Hill, Kim Stern, Wren Somerville and Gabi Hawkins holding communist newspapers and communist flags while doing a communist salute. I’m starting to think they might be communists.

Speaking of Kim Stern, he was there as well, live-streaming the event, as was most of the rest of the ANU SAlt crew. Kim recently came to greater attention after manufacturing a leftist witch-hunt against the “O.K sign”-flashing Victoria Police officer who had had the temerity to try and stop Kim and his extremist friends from… well… breaking the law. Kim started his journey with the Socialist Alternative crew at Monash in Melbourne a couple of years ago, then moved on to Canberra under the tutelage of long-time extremist (and ANU Associate Professor in Sociology) Rick Kuhn, and has now announced he will be moving on to Sydney.

Wren Somerville speaking at another recent rally just down the road from Parliament.

This might come as a relief to his student-politics opponents at ANU. This year, Mr Stern had a campaign ban placed on him for 24 hours for intimidation, after he was caught screaming like a lunatic in another candidate’s face. He then proceeded to completely ignore the ban and keep campaigning regardless, showing as much respect for the rules of the elections as he shows for the laws of wider society. Wren Somerville was pinged in the same investigation after trying to lie to cover up for Stern, as well as for other lies about rival candidates supporting torture.

Scrupulous people, these Trotskyists.

protest organiser Wren Somerville
Wren Somerville joins Kim Stern to sell communist newspapers in front of a table decorated with a giant picture of Karl Marxs head.

Of course, they are Trotskyists. Socialist Alternative is a revolutionary Marxist group that wants to take over the Australian government and implement a totalitarian state. Their dream is to complete the vision of Trotsky, founder of the Red army and butcher of the sailors of Kronstadt. They genuinely believe that if it had been Trotsky in charge of the secret police instead of Stalin, then the Soviet Union would have been a paradise on earth.

You’d think the fact that a protest, intended to blockade Parliament House, was being organised by a group that wants to overthrow Parliament, would be newsworthy, but yet again, the media thought otherwise. If this year has proven anything, it’s that the media aren’t going to wake up. A radical Trotskyist group infiltrated and effectively took over the Extinction Rebellion campaign, right in front of their eyes, and they completely ignored it.

These extremists hate our country, hate our history, hate our culture, hate our identity, and some openly declare that the very sight of our flag makes them want to vomit. They keep getting stronger and wriggling deeper into our institutiojns. The word needs to be spread about these people. It’s up to us to do it, because God knows the media won’t.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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