Australia One Leader Riccardo Bosi Slams “Rock Spider” Gender Activists

Australia One party leader Riccardo Bosi has come out swinging in a press release today, strongly denouncing “vocally aggressive gender activists”

Riccardo Bosi

Australia One party leader Riccardo Bosi has slammed “vocally aggressive gender activists” as “rock spiders” for brainwashing children, as well as parents and guardians for allowing it to happen.

In a press release produced earlier today, Riccardo Bosi strongly asserted: “Children should be allowed to grow naturally into adulthood and to respect the biological science of what makes them boys or girls.”

“It is sheer madness that we continue to condone such child abuse and disregard the science, which has been settled since the animal kingdom evolved.”

This statement comes amid reports that controversial book Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out is being promoted in the youth sections of public libraries.

The book has sparked fury among parents and the public for containing “graphic descriptions of oral sex carried out by children as young as six” who are depicted as having enjoyed it.

The book that has outraged parents with its disturbing themes.

“Is this the next step towards adding the ‘P’ for paedophilia to the sexual spectrum proudly boasted by the LGBT community?” Mr Bosi asked.

“In my opinion, this programming of primary school children is creeping paedophilia and those involved in this indoctrination should be treated as the rock spiders they are.”

“And our politicians are either part of this activist gang or have allowed themselves to be bullied into silence” Mr Bosi concluded by asking “When will parents demand action be taken to reverse this abomination?”

Riccardo Bosi is a former Australian Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and served Australia with distinction. In the 2019 federal election, he was a NSW Senate Candidate for the Australia Conservatives.

Following the dissolution of the Conservatives, he founded the conservative-nationalist fusion party Australia One.

You can see Mr Bosi discussing the launch of Australia One on WilmsFront here, as well as his previous appearance on the now-retired ‘Waves’ program here following the federal election.

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