ANZAC Day 2019 in Melbourne


There is still one national day of pride in Australia which the left have been unable to undermine, and that is ANZAC Day. On April 25th every year Australia and New Zealand remember their fallen soldiers, serving military personnel and veterans with dawn services and parades in towns and cities across both countries.

April 25th Dawn is chosen for the service as it is time that the ANZAC’s launched their military campaign on the Gallipoli Peninsula in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 during World War One. The day though honours all those who served Australia militarily.

Over in New Zealand however ANZAC dawn services were scaled back due to security concerns post the Christchurch mosque shooting. In the nation’s largest city Auckland only 30 services took place, down from 90 the previous year. It is poor way to honour those who have fallen in the defence of the nation to believe the nation is now too dangerous for their sacrifice to be honoured.

The Unshackled team attended the Melbourne dawn service at the Shrine of Remembrance where MC Peter Meehan recalled war stories of note, tying it into the wider ANZAC Day message.

Premier Daniel Andrews addressed the attendees but it seemed illogical that honoured the sacrifice of those defending Australia when he said at the beginning that land still traditionally belonged to the local Indigenous tribe.

Musical performances including the Australian and New Zealand national anthems were performed by The Royal Australian Navy band and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. There was of course the traditional playing of the last post.

After the dawn service we spoke with Ran who had attended the service with a traditional Australian Red Ensign flag. He told us about its meaning in the founding of the Australian nation and that it symbolized our Christian heritage. We also spoke with a New Zealand war veteran Darryl who had served in more recent military operations in Bosnia and East Timor.

The ANZAC Day parade starting at the corner of Flinders and Swanston Street and going down St Kilda Road had been pushed forward to 8.30am. But there was still time for the traditional gunfire breakfast at the Victoria Barracks which the cost is donation to the ANZAC appeal.

The ANZAC Day parade features not just combat military personnel past and present but those in supporting military roles. Military bands are also a large feature for continuous music, as well as opportunities for young musicians to showcase their talent in the spotlight.

It was refreshing that a day to celebrate national pride and what makes our country great was left alone by the usual anti-Australian types. The far-left have seen what has happened to Scott McIntyre and Yassmin Abdel-Magied when they decided to insult the ANZACs, they were soon out of a job. As for alleged comedian Catherine Deveny calling the day “bogan halloween”, that is only a desperate plea for attention.

But having said that you know that even when the Greens stop their election campaigning on ANZAC Day out of respect we have a day of national unity. Let us never lose this, let’s hope the peace the diggers fought for remains on this day forever into the future.

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