Fraser Anning Landslide?


Are you a supporter of Australian Senator Fraser Anning? Then this is for you.

The media, the elites, everyone is scared. They are scared of you. They are frightened of the power that you have in organizing as a group. We have just learned that the media is going to be running an aggressive campaign against him.

For example, check out these latest headlines:



For decades, the elites in Canberra have always been given everything they have ever wanted, and all it’s done is its shifted the whole political scene to the left.

And you feel left out.

You feel isolated. You feel depressed. You feel like the entire establishment has it out for you.

Why? Because you used to try to play the game. You got over that. Didn’t work. It didn’t go anywhere.

You used to try and speak within their tones. And what happened? All that happened was you either got ignored, laughed at, abused or called names like NAZI and RACIST!

You are sick to death of it.

You had some things to say. Now you don’t care. Now you want to hit back.

The only way to truly hit back is to follow your heart, stand true and strong.

One way you can help, is by helping The Unshackled in its mission to reinvent the media. This is our job, and we can’t do it without you.

We need you. You need us.

To help us, read, like share post comments, watch videos, talk to your friends.

Help spread the word about us.

We wont let you down.

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