According to the Australian newspaper social affairs writer Rick Morton, Katter Australia Party Senator Fraser Anning, LNP MP George Christensen, Queensland LNP senator Amanda Stoker, Liberal MP Craig Kelly and former National president of the ALP Warren Mundine OAM all went to a neo-Nazi rally last month.

Which comes as quite a surprise to the politicians, all of whom are committed supporters of Israel and in no way anti-Semites, but in particular comes as a surprise to Warren Mundine since…

well… he’s black.

Warren Mundine. Probably not a Neo Nazi.

You’d think before penning an article for Australia’s only national newspaper Rick might have done a little research. After all the events in question did happen a month ago and received a wide array of coverage, none of which discovered any neo-Nazism.

But instead it seems Rick decided to drink a litre or so of vodka before throwing up all over his keyboard, passing out face down in the resulting mess and then waking up and pressing “send” while his mind was still foggy and pieces of half-digested carrot were still stuck to his forehead.

Rick Morton, The Australian’s social affairs reporter, striking his most masculine pose.

Or so it seems.

Do I really have to explain why Warren Mundine isn’t a neo-Nazi? Why staunch supporters of Israel tend not to get along with people whose entire worldview consists of blaming Jews for every misfortune in the world?

Perhaps I should stick to the biggest lies, omissions and misrepresentations in what is truly a stillborn mutated abomination only faintly representing anything resembling journalism.

Rick Morton (right). Alleged journalist.

Firstly, while Fraser Anning spoke at the event against the so called “Safe schools” program held by the True Blue Crew, none of the others mentioned did. And while there was some crossover between the Libertarian “Libertyfest” event and the rally they were not organised by the same people, as Morton even mentions himself in his own piece. Despite this Morton spent over half the words of his own article attempting to smear people that he himself admits in the very same article had nothing to do with the supposed “neo Nazi” event.

Secondly the even bigger lie regarding the True Blue crew which Morton describes as having “strong ties to neo-Nazi principles and nationalism”. Rick provides no evidence for any of these ties. This is unsurprising. After all he’s talking about a group that has no ethnic bar to entry, had its most famous march in Melbourne led by an Asian man accompanied by Maoris doing a Haka and whose most prominent campaign was for justice for a half Lebanese boy who was the victim of a drive by.  If you want to call this group “neo-Nazis” then producing any actual evidence is just going to make you look like an idiot, so best to just make unbacked allegations.

Because God forbid Rick look even more like an idiot.

Rick Morton, an idiot.

Finally this event happened a month ago. A full month of time had passed during which numerous reports for small and large outlets were made. Not even the crazed leftists of Australia’s Communist and Anarchist groups tried to claim that this was somehow a “neo Nazi” event and they usually declare almost everyone right of centre to be some kind of fascist.

When Rick’s piece came out the Anarchists in particular were quite pleased. In their demented worldview The Australian is the most evil right wing newspaper in the most evil right wing news company in the world so seeing their viewpoints echoed back at them from its pages was quite a pleasant surprise.

Generally speaking if some of the worst people in the country find your work a pleasant surprise that should be cause for pause.

Speaking of the extreme left they were of course at this supposed “neo-Nazi” event as well. Kathleen Mcleod and her band of black masked Anarchist freaks were joined by members of the “Workers League” a group formed by Adam Baker, the long time Marxist activist best known for starting the Red Eureka Tendency inside the Trotskyist Socialist Alliance to try and turn that organisation towards the true light of Stalinism and Maoism.

Adam Baker’s Workers League. Campaigning for Maoism and Stalinism at the TBC event. Totally un-newsworthy according to Rick.

So on one side you had a rally of concerned Australian conservatives waving the national flag; on the other you had Anarchists (who want to destroy the very concept of Australia) and outright Stalinists (who want to turn the country into a totalitarian hellscape).

Rick Morton saw all this, waited an entire month, drank his vodka, unsteadily sat down at his keyboard and called the people these insane fanatics were protesting against Nazis.

He then proceeded to smear anyone who spoke at their event as a Nazi, and then insinuated that people attending another event some distance away were somehow sympathetic to Nazism and connected to all this general Nazism going on.

All this without a single Nazi on hand.

Not a one.

The Communists and Anarchists were there of course; they were waving their red and black flags and wearing their heavy masks in the middle of a hot sunny Brisbane day like the highly intelligent rebels they are.

But no Nazis. Not a single solitary swastika to be seen amongst all the hammers and sickles.

Amazingly by sheer coincidence the very week this information got handed to Rick (after all he certainly didn’t dig it up himself) Fraser Anning’s enemies inside the Katter Australia Party began a push to dis-endorse him.

This is fascinating, especially since journalists don’t normally write stories this stupid all on their own. Somebody leaked this story ready made to Rick. If it were from the far left it would probably have gone to the ABC, the Guardian or Fairfax. The extreme left thinks of Murdoch journos (even left wing ones like Rick) in the same way that Neo Nazis think of Jews so I doubt they “supplied the mail” in this case.

I wonder if Rick knows he’s being used as a pawn in an internal KAP power struggle? I genuinely don’t think he cares. He is a journalist after all.
And he got to call people Nazis! I guess he’s earned his soy-treat tonight.

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Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
Lucas Rosas
Lucas Rosas has spent years monitoring far left extremists so you don’t have to. He lives in a secure location with multiple large and hungry guard dogs.
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