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We are finally back for an extended news review show to catch up and comment on all the news that has occurred over the past fortnight with the Unshackled’s Political Editor Michael Smyth.

Making news this week was the government voting in favour of, then reversing their support for Pauline Hanson’s Senate motion saying ‘it’s okay to be white’ blaming an ‘administrative error’. The ABC teamed up with Antifa activists to reveal members of the Sydney Lads Society had joined the New South Wales Young Nationals as part of an alt-right infiltration. Pro-life activists marched in Melbourne and Brisbane however it wasn’t enough to stop abortion being decriminalized in Queensland. The Wentworth by-election is today with not much going the way of Liberal candidate Dave Sharma and the momentum with independent candidate Kerryn Phelps.

Last week part of the Ruddock Religious Freedom review was leaked to the media which stated schools must disclose if they don’t accept gay students, the result was both major parties pledged to legislate to protect gay students from expulsion, meaning that religious freedom actually went backwards. There was mass outrage over the Everest Horse Race being advertised on the Sydney Opera House and that radio host Alan Jones had lobbied for it. The UN’s IPCC put out another report urging action on climate change urging that we must not only cut our emissions but stop consuming meat and dairy. Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court despite rape smears from the Democrats and hysterical feminist activists.

Pauline Hanson’s ‘It’s okay to be white’ motion defeated 28-31
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Scott Morrison says independent schools will not be able to expel students due to their sexuality` – ABC News
Protesters turn out in droves to boo horse race advertising on Opera House – Sydney Morning Herald
UN Report Claims Aggressive Change Needed To Slow Down Global Warming
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