More Australians Are Favouring A Strong Man Leader


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Many Australians, particularly those from the younger demographic, are beginning to favour the idea of being governed by an authoritarian or strong man leader.

Historically, strong men leaders, tended to usurp the law to their favour by voiding elections and shutting down all opposition in order to maintain a one-arm rule over the country.

The study which was made by the Australian National University’s Centre for Social Research and Methods, reported that one-third or 33% of Australians consider the idea of having a strong man leader as “very good” or “fairly good”.

The survey covered more than 1,800 respondents. The demographic focused on Australians aged 18 years and higher. The results of the survey showed that the age bracket which leaned toward strong man leadership was the 18 to 35 years old demographic.

By comparison, in 2005, only 24% of Australians were open to the idea of having an authoritarian government. In 2012, the figure rose to 28%.

Despite the survey results, the majority of Australians still prefer its current system of government. Although half of the respondents disclosed they were not strongly confident about the federal government, only 19% expressed not having confidence at all.

58% of Australians still believe having a democratic political system is a “good idea”. This number has been consistent since 2005.

Australians also remain confident in the way the country has conducted its elections. 15% revealed they were highly- confident in the electoral process. A small portion; only 9%, said they had no confidence at all with the electoral process.

The institution that has taken a hit is the press. According to the survey, 25% responded that they have no confidence with the press. In 2012, the number was much lower at 22%.

If any, the survey showed a great divide between the way the older and younger generation think.

The baby boomers or those who were born after World War 2, do not favour the idea of an authoritarian regime.

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