Marxist Mayor Hope Calls For Confiscation of 60,000 Melbourne Homes

Confiscation called for by Melbourne's kath larkin

Marxist Mayoral hopeful Kath Larkin has called for the confiscation of 60,000 homes by the state in an interview with 3AW’s Tom Elliot on Wednesday. Larkin justified this extreme position by declaring that the people who own the homes are “wealthy” and so therefore have no rights to them.

Ms Larkin is standing for Lord Mayor of Melbourne in the upcoming Victorian local government elections under the banner of the “Victorian Socialists”, a front group for the revolutionary Trotskyist party Socialist Alternative. Aside from the confiscation of tens of thousands of houses by the state, Kath’s platform includes abolishing the “Lord” part of the Mayoral title, demolishing the “racist” Cook’s Cottage and building a new heroin injecting room.

Ms Larkin has a long history of Marxist activism leading back to her recruitment while a student at Northcote High School by fellow Socialist Alternative organiser and “Safe Schools” founder Roz Ward. On behalf of Socialist Alternative Larkin has acted as an organiser for various front organisations including “Uni Students for Climate Justice”, “Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” and “Blockade IMARC”. Ms Larkin also previously stood for “Victorian Socialists” in the seat of Cooper (previously Batman) in last year’s federal election, garnering a respectable 4,125 votes for 4.23% of the total.

“Victorian Socialists” is an electoral alliance created in February 2018 as a joint project of the revolutionary Trotskyist group Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and the “Castroite” Marxist Socialist Alliance to promote the ultimately unsuccessful Victorian State election campaign of veteran Marxist activist (and accused sex pest) Stephen Jolly. The Socialist Alliance recently left the front due to decades old personality clashes while Mr Jolly had left earlier due to family violence related… unpleasantness. This leaves “Victorian Socialists” as essentially a Socialist Alternative operation.

The “Victorian Socialists” have announced a raft of candidates across Melbourne in the upcoming local polls. Outside Melbourne City council the Marxists are targeting seats in the Darebin, Moreland, Hume and Maribyrnong municipal areas. As yet none of her fellow candidates have publicly backed Ms Larkin’s call for mass confiscation of private property, but considering their open ideological affiliations it can be assumed that they wholeheartedly agree.

Their results will perhaps tell us a lot about the appetite for left wing extremist politics in a traditionally left leaning city currently suffering under the boot-heel of the world’s worst COVID-19 lockdowns. If a significant number of Melbournians really do support mass confiscation of people’s houses it would indicate a deeply worrying trend.

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